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Council of 9-  We are the query of time as an illusion within space.


Me-   Help me understand within the highest frequency of communication allowed  with the higher self of (child's name has been withheld), to illustrate and bring forth a message that would serve his divine purpose in his and this  lifetime.


Council of 9- We are the Council of 9 coming forth for this specific invocation for it is of high importance that (child's name withheld) understand that his frequency is not of the ordinance of dimensions now on earth.


Me-But earth is under the current of dimensional shift, so how would that serve (withheld)?


Council of 9 -  With much struggle however he travels the waves of interstellar dimensionality and that is how he is serving his purpose


Me-  Please explain for there are families that need to understand how this energy frequency works for them in order to serve their specific roles in his life


1919- We are the Council of 9.   (Child's name withheld) is one of us here,  but on earth he is servicing a role of understanding and assimilation.


Me-  Why,  this is not his first incarnation;  so then, why now?


Council of 9 - He chose to serve an understanding through his vessel as the easiest form of transferring communication to us via dreamtime and interstellar travel through speed.  He is collecting data and converging it into frequencies we can assimilate in order to assist your trade in this time of challenge.


Me-  You have been working on that for years,  why now like this with (child);  with other children too?


Council of 9- As a collective within the inter-dimensional races that are serving the human race, it is our responsibility to assist, to find, and search ways to help raise the progress of evolution.


Me:  Can you please come forth closer,  I must paint a picture of you for (child)  and I need to specify how to paint you.


1919- I am a member of a galactic race yes.   I do look like a Mantis but I am much higher evolved.  I lack human features but if you see in my eyes, you can feel the expression of my joy in servitude. Yes I am light green, and I do have antennae.  I do have big eyes as you can see and I do have wings but they become smaller as the humane mutation becomes established.


Me-  How can (the child) serve his purpose better?   


1919-   My name is 1919,  that is a frequency code.   Your painting shall look magical,  like a forest magical being,  but know that I am a formal member of the Council of 9 and with alliance to the Federation where communication is of highest priority right now.   For (withheld),  it is necessary he not eat sugar,  but he can consume other derivatives of natural fruit sugars instead.   Keep his potassium high and he must sleep with Selenite around him, for that stabilizes his frequency while Moldavite will open the fields of communication between the Council and his earthbound essence, which is my direct communication.   


Me:  Can you show me his future?  Or any additional information that can assist his parents?  


1919- Music should be kept at either 432 megahertz or over 800.   Climbing mountains can hurt his ears for this is where is can tune into high pitch frequencies,  therefore caution when climbing hills or visiting high altitude locations.   His adjustment has taken place but he will do just fine. 


Me-  I am seeing past life image of goat herding and sheep.  Is this a past life?


C9-  It is,  we will absolve all traces of past life occurrences so he has no intermissions nor interruptions.  


Me-  Can you please also scan his little body please for any hooks, implants, attachments, cords, negative posing roles and players?


C9-  He is adjusted daily,  his home however has corners of density which his parents can easily clean up and neutralize with energy calibration


Me:  I will communicate that with the grandmother.   Does he understand that earth is a hologram and he can manipulate time and energies and creations to manifest what he desires?


C9 – There is a loss of memory during incarnation of earth body,  however he still carries the pitched vibration and his challenge is precisely manipulating such energies to serve his purpose of creation.  He sees light frequencies differently and is still discovering his abilities to change outcomes yes.


Me- How can I further assist?


C9-  Portray truth to all through your creations regardless of being judged.   You will receive the energies for your book very soon.   Be prepared.  Look not back,  and continue to flow without concern of direction.   You are where you wish to be,  and that will further take you into the channels where you will bring clarification to many on questions humanity has asked for years.   Worry not 2316,  that is simply your range of frequency now.   Thank you for this opportunity.  We will close this channel of communication.  Be well,  and just BE.


Channeled 8/1/2021

1919 Frequency

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  • • Oil on Canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 3/4" Depth Black Frame

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