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•Michael:  “It is not out of your memory that you are connecting with me.  I am the HS of (client's name withheld).  I am Archangel Michael. “

•Me:  “Welcome my brother.  It's great to see you again.  Tell me, how would you like me to paint you for (client's name withheld) today? “

•Michael:   “ Paint me as you see me. She will love my hair,  LOL.  I am quite simple as you all know.  My beloveds you are indeed.  I work with all of you daily as you all know”

•Me:  “I’d like to zoom in on your eyes….  I see they are very light brown with blue-grey specks in them.  You are indeed very good-looking Michael!  I see your hair is thin yet you have lots of it!  LOL.  I love it has sunlight in it.  Tell me, is there a message for Meli?”

•Michael:  “She comes from the Vega star. Life exudes her every pore of breath.  Endurance I ask her to persist in, for this could be her last incarnation as we are going “home”    There is still much work to accomplish but we have mastered the ability to love and forgive and that the divine mission.  Freedom has been your choice.  Freedom comes in numerous ways my child.  You are free, debts are not owed to anyone, except those we self-impose.  Walk among the path you create for yourself without self-judgment nor doubt.  Continue to smile, for it transmutes all negativity, even the darkest intention.  You are me.  (he smiles as he says this).  My love to all that you are and all that you all do, for it is grand and pure.  I will meet you in the ether.   Carry on

•Me:  Before you leave, Michael.  For this painting, do I paint you or do I paint the vision of the Vegan?  

•Michael:   You all know what I look like and how I feel.  It would be of great interest to paint her Vegan incarnated race.  

•Me:  Thank you Michael for the message, and the love you always bring to us all.  We love you dearly.


•Alheixcia:  "Welcome,  I am the one you seek.  I am from the 9th dimension.  From the Vega star,  planet within your galaxy.  You ask me for a better vision of myself.  Some of us have blue skin, some of us have what you call tanned skin.  We are very much humanized, but we have pointy ears.  For the most part, we have hair which we cut and tame.  We wear jewels on our heads,  others do not.  I have long hair much like (client's name withheld).  My eyes are blue, and my skin can go from blue to brown.  We all have beautiful talents we exorcise with caution and discernment.  When we incarnate, we bring a portion of those gifts with us.  Alheixcia can be my name.  We speak light language like the Arcturians. My pleasure to meet you.  I thank you for speaking knowledge in this fashion of communication.   May the beauty of Lyra bestow upon you, Daisy for you are our Lyran sister.   Our blessings to (client's name withheld) for she is coming home. "

Alheixcia from Vega

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on wood

    • 18x18"

    • 3/4" Depth

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