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When he lived, he meditated in any position; however, if and when he sat, he rocked slightly back and forth. He loved being under trees, specifically cherry blossom trees. And he spoke to every single thing that had life in it, even the rocks, the water streams, the lily pads. He loved life and he left his questions of earthly life to the air as he believed that all life forms had a purpose here. He suffered on behalf of everyone for he knew that he transmuted everyone's pain. He believed that was his mission,  to suffer on behalf of everyone to mitigate their pain. He believed he was gifted in doing this, he believed his heart was big enough to hold all the sorrow of the world.  He never traveled (in a physical body) outside of the temple, but he did go into town to observe and to smile at the village, to remind himself that this world was not more than a school and that he was here to teach in silence as he transmuted people's pain. I asked him if he was unknown to the world,  why was he crowned a divine Master. He responded, "Being a Master is achieving the ability to sustain, to endure, and to love beyond measure that which is not ours to understand.


He is the fractal of Divine Mother. His energy was so strong I lost composure as I lost myself sobbing, crying uncontrollably. Jesus came in and agreed in frequency as he witnessed the "clearing" of my physical body. Lilith stood in the back watching. But it was Yeshua that was able to join us in the hologram as your Master poured his loving forgiveness into me. I asked him how was he (and Buddha) able to sustain all the suffering of his people, the hunger, the violence, and even the betrayal of those that "loved" yet really did not. He replied, "The ability to love all without pain is a mastery within itself."


I want to say his name was Huo Saki. He lived in a Japanese temple during 690.  I researched the first name and its Chinese. His last name is Japanese. He followed the Buddhist philosophy and lived during the 690AD period at the Shin-Yakushi-ji Buddhist temple in Nara, Japan. This name of the temple is the info I put together based on the images he showed me (cherry blossom trees, the 3-story temple, the gardens, and even the water stream, plus the era of 690AD).   


This info was not important to him which is why he did not expand on it. He felt his message was of greater importance and he provided the images so I would render it on the painting.

Ascended Master

Out of Stock
  • • Acrylic on canvas

    • 18x24"

    • 3/4" Depth Gold Frame

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