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I am a Pleiadian star-seed from the Netherland in the ether of the planet Command Starship.   As the Higher Self of (client name withheld), I bring a message of unity so she entrusts her knowledge to the high frequencies of higher consciousness.   We have journeyed eons long.  She has chosen to experience loss in various ways as proof that loss is not eternal nor is it a damnation to martyrdom or solitude.   You are coming home.  You are home.  We work together during journeys to bring about temperature adjustments to bodies during adaptation.  We are Pleidians and we consult the council on procedures.  It has begun, the Ascension so long awaited.  We are here among you.   Look up, look about.  You will recognize us.  We heal, we create,  we bring nourishment of the soul.  The children of today shall bring much evolution to your race.  Know that we are purposed to such developments.   I have long blonde hair,  green-blue eyes,  skin pale yellow-white, and I wear a slate blue suit.  My name is Philomeena of the Anshar Fleet Command.  Some of you say it differently.  Know that your losses -if you categorize as such, are blessings.  My powerful transmuting sister.  We love you.  We love all you do.  We are honored by your presence and majesty within your realm.  We continue learning much from your valiant journey.


See you later  (lay-terrrrr)

Of the Anshar Fleet Command

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 18x24"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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