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May the Throne of Justice open the gates to the galaxies of the multiverse as we connect via this channel to bring forth a divine message for a special being.  With love and within light frequencies of understanding, compassion, and eternal love for all that is,  reign on earth, Gaia, and all,  I extend love to all beings across the Cosmos.  This is the the Christ Consciousness of the Eternal Flames of the 13 Key Angelics.   


I am Gabriel..   I step forward as the invocation has called me out to bring forth a loving message to (child's name withheld).


Me:  Welcome, greetings my beloved Gabriel.   I have invoked the Divinity of (child's name withheld)  because he wishes a special message be completed for him as it was interrupted once day without harm.  Can you please provide that message and also show me his Divine expression in this now moment please?


Gabriel:  Lovingly I declare to all my children that love prevails in all hearts of innocence, no matter the age.  Examine thy hearts always, and maintain a heart of pure joy,  of pure awe for the little things that can make you smile.   Make this your emblem everyday:  Smile at ALL little things; and know that everything is only a little thing because only you can control how big it can become. 


I am the Golden Unicorn bringing  this message to (child's name withheld).   As you walk within the wilderness of life,  remember to always look forward.  Never stop to look behind nor the past because the past is non existent.   You will remember these words as you become older and you will understand.  Smile always and carry thy wonder of innocence within your heart and you shall see the magic of life in every being.  That my dear (name withheld), is the magic of creation. 


I am SanJayce of the 13th Portal of the Inner Realms within the 18th Kingdom of the Sangovese Race.  We guard the Talking Mushrooms and the fairies of this kingdom, for they are special beings incarnated by choice to redeem their evolutions.  In this kingdom, even the blooms speak, and the the flowers dance.  The waterfalls are showers of green diamonds and the leaves of the trees all have tiny eyes.  We call it the Garden of the Triads.  


Crystals  for you:   Pyrite, Pink or Red Agate, Rainbow Quartz, and Rainbow Druzey


8/6/2021  11:11PM EST

SanJayce of the 13th Portal

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20 

    • 3/4" Depth Black Frame

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