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Greetings.   From the Kingdoms of Anshar,  I greet you with much anticipation.  I am the HS of  (name of client withheld),  warrior, and transmuter.  It is an honor for me that she has requested this process of integration.  I bring her much justice.  I bring her light out of the dark and out of the mystery of self-doubt (and even of doubting wonder), for we should not wonder in doubt.  That does not contribute to the art of manifestation.


See me as I am.  Long brown silky hair.  I wear armor.  For I battle all your woes.  I bring your worries to dissipation.  While others use water,  I use the power of transmutation.  I wear a sword which is my light,  the light I offer you.


I have 3 names.  Sheena is my middle name and my preference.  My skin is light like the fairies, my eyes brown almost yellow.  A beautiful smile like yours, I have.  My armor purple.  I fly this realm and yours as well with the dragons of fire.  Yes, I come from the magical realm from the Inner Earth, from the Kingdom of Ashana.  


I fly this realm and yours as well with the dragons of fire.  I come from the magical realm of the Inner Earth from the kingdom of Ashana.  I am Waleela Sheena of Ashana.  You ask me to transmute issues that stem from your past.  Those are issues from a different lifetime, but also know they were created as different timelines within yours currently.  They can be transmuted if you allow it.  You have learned what you proposed to. 


I smile and laugh, whirl and twirl with the winds of transmutation.  Powerful it is your journey my sister.  We are one in this one together. 

Weleela Sheena of Anshar

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 18x24"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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