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Archangel Haylel

“The Bringer of Light" also known as the Golden Heart. He is the brightest star of white and red. His element is a pure source of love light, and he is the Guardian of “The Law of Polarity". That being said, he is a spiritual mirror that will reflect your ego and insecurities which are the things that hold you dense from becoming lighter. Which is why his divine earthly purpose is to guide you to your heart and reasons of ascension, by allowing you to see within your self's mirror exactly who you are.... by presenting to you and allowing in you the polarization of both negative and positive so you can, in turn, transmute it and raise your own frequency. Tough ugh?

Call upon him as he is the guardian of the Akashic Hall of Records, holds all organic soul contracts, and awakens the soul's blueprints. He is the first fractal of the Divine Father as wholeness with Archangel Michael. He is the most gentle but firm Angel you will encounter. He can aid you from the darkest realms and is a soul locator when a soul has been harvested or placed on a negative binding contract. Can go against an army of 100’s by himself and aid them to the light. 

During healing sessions, he will arrive and wait for the other archangels to "handle" the situations if he considers them to be challenging, however, he will (like Azrael) automatically capture the essence of the dense and dark negative entity without waiting for it to spread its own light especially if it resists or denies transmutation. I have seen shackles placed on the entity's wrists as I insist on light spreading when they are very resistant or beyond angry. I have seen Haylel simply take them away when they refuse positive polarization.  

Just one thing I have to add (as I am painting him today), there is no one power (or any power) that can overtake you unless you allow it. No entity (human or not) can enter your realm of existence unless you condone it. "The Creator will allow for grievances of "intrusion" if you, the sole owner of your power, do not stand your ground and claim such power within your own manifestations. As humans, you call upon all kinds of creations to invade your space of time, your choices of decision, then you claim injustice because the Creator has allowed for such "sufferings". How must you claim such when you are the Creator of your own existence?"

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