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I was a sorcerer of ancient times during 438BC, worked round the clock of the moon to distinguish days, and used the excrement of the scarab to poison the enemy. I was eager at that time to help those that needed me. I worked more for the mistresses of royalty. I was burned for treason holding a white tea flower as my only possession to carry into my next life. 


I have long hair as a hairpiece but when I worked, I used none. I wore the magic in my sleeves and hands. Today my soul lives on as the spirit guide of (identity kept confidential). My message to you is to breathe the dew of the morning sun and the moon shall reveal itself to you. Your life is a cycle, your soul is a cycle to return to not un-evolved but matured in transparency


The sorcerer within you, evolved into priesthood in other lives to seek inner wisdom through the creation of magic and the further progression of power. You have continued to live further lives because you have yet to reach the wisdom of purity, to understand that you are magic and you are sovereign without the tools. 


Today, in your evolvement, you can reach such a progression of your soul, seek inside to find the balance of creation. To wonder is to gather yourself among the planes of time. Seek balance and you shall find the divine light that is within. When you find such light, spread it among your deepest thoughts of regret or vengeance so you may transmute those feelings into love and forgiveness. Thus you shall evolve into the next stage of transparency.


I am Amubab, the Seer

Amubab, The Seer

Out of Stock
  • • Acrylic on canvas

    • 18x24"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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