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“The time has come.  Transmission shall begin now:

We are the collective of the star Andromeda.   You have invoked the over soul of (---). Daisy, to much of your surprise what you saw earlier was a glimpse into the beginning of time.  The Centaur you envisioned was not equivocal.  It was correct.  The original creation of this star as we speak in transmission now was indeed Centaur Four expressed from Archangel Michael and the Bringer of Divine Light into your Planet, Haylel now.  We however, are the Andromeda fractal incarnate of (---).  This transmission begins now as we have you enter a specific platform dear sister for you were too an Andromedan.  You too still hold that DNA in your coding.


(---)  this is your birth right gift,  to know your most incarnated race type,  Star Planet from the 5th Dimension currently where we are in the now assisting many of your inhabitants in Ascension.   See an illustration of what you are and shall return to be after your earthly composition.  Our message to you dear one, is to hold light for others as that is the mission you chose in this physical plane.   You are among us at all times, we greet you.   We do not have a specific sex, although we do carry in our galaxy earthly hybrids and others that evolve into our full visual expression as you see in your painting.

We ask you remain in peace for you are home and you have reached your final assignment for this timeline.   Please remember you are to remind yourself that this is all a formulated reality which you can re-create at all moments in space and time.   What we are stating is that you choose which expression of events to project as a reality always.   Never despair the sadness of this plane, for it is all a temporary illusion dear one.   Carry on “thy torch of light” well into your own expansion and others shall follow you by role of example.   This is why we showed you (the vessel) first the Centaur, for he carried the Light onto earth and thus he’s called the Bringer of Light.   We preferred to show this illustration because you are ready to comprehend and hold such high frequency out of the reverberation within your heart.  Master thy intentions of creation to master your daily circumstances and you will fulfill your mission of love.   Come home, we wait for your successful journey.  

I am Jastonia, JaasTooNeeia from the 4th Key on Dimension 7th of the 12th Plane in the North Star Ship 17.   Platform Andromeda West.  Be in peace my child.  Welcome home again!”


Channeled for

Andromedan Joosteeneeian

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 18x24

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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