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Andromedan Panel:  Greetings


Channel:  Greetings,  I can hear you but I can't see you,  please step forward. 


Andromedan Panel:  We are the galactic connection currently to the one you are invocating, (client name withheld)


Channel:  Thank you, please express yourself….. in a form I can easily translate to her vision including the public.  I would also appreciate on her behalf a divine message for her , in her now moment.


Andromedan Panel:  We are the Andromedans


Channel:  You have a minty green head I see,  lovely indeed.   Quite simplistic.  Are you female or male?


Andromedan:   I am both, perhaps you will decipher male.


Channel:   How do you wish I paint you?


Andromedan:   We are the Andromedan panel here for a message for (client name withheld).    You are not to waste water.  Conserve as much energy as you can within. Times ahead are a trial , success will come from it.  Conserve food, water, nutrients, attain now all you believe you could need.   We will be assisting those in need, we are available to all.  The contact we are now having with humans is upon specific selection of frequency.  The heart will determine if the person is ready to be in a state of no fear.  We are examining those with much duplicity and you, (client) are highly to be considered for contact during the times of direct assistance.
                                       Paint me as I appear to you, with a lavender coat with white trim.  My head is mint green, very pastel, my eyes are light brown, large. There are no jewels however see the glistening glimmer on my skin. Yes we have preserved our vocal cords, but we do not use them, evolution will slowly do with that.  We preserve them because of our contact with other life forms that do have theirs like the Pleiadians and the Vegas.  We are to 12 feet high in approximation.  Humankind will find choices to make for their new lifestyles, much adaptation will have to take place.  Please consider this a counsel of choice and thinking for independence, survival, and acceptance of the will, an understanding that what unfolds is your creation.
                                        (Name withheld), you have moved up in your holographic platform;   now attuned to this transmission by choice.  We are the Andromedans,  we are your galactic gateway currently.  You are welcomed within our frequency, and we are of heart friendly approach.  You have opened this gateway by choice and we are here to welcome you.   You are not one of us, but you can be if you choose.  This is how humans move from one galactic race onto another.  You have all done this.  You will continue to do so.  Experiencing all life forms is a Divine Decision we honor.


Channel:  What is the best way for (client) to increase her frequency then and prepare for higher vibratory progress of her spirit essence?


Andromedan:  Ahhhh, dear one,  clever question.  Cleaning out the vessel of unwanted and unneeded chemicals is the main challenge for humans to peak into higher frequencies.  The consumables of your planet are extremely dense and negative to your vessels indeed.  The human has not trained its vessel to subsist in water alone.  Your water also is challenging for its commercial availability is also tainted.   Not much in your lands is pure except for a few hearts, most soil is dirty with chemicals from the skies or altered with cables and waves that alter the possible frequency it can assist humans with.   Humans must learn to use their abilities of mental intention.  With this they can intend purity in their waters, intend creations of their choice, intend manifestations of good leaders, intend telepathy. 


Channel:  Are we hundreds of years away from this?


Andromedan:  No, you are not, but currently you are a minority still with good stronghold on this ability to fast with water purities only.


Channel:  Tell us my good being then,  how do we start this when we feel the hunger? 


Andromedan:  Life is generally good and comfortable on earth.  Humans have created that platform to enjoy the vessel and its addictions by listening to their bodies and not their hearts.  It is a choice to give in to body pleasure of eating, enjoyment, pleasures. Learning to feed from the heart is a task that is learned through self control and directing the attention of the ego mind toward the heart, toward inner sanctum.  Being in silence, solitude, in nature, in water is a start.


Channel:  To be a hermit….


Andromedan:   Ha, ha, ha.   We will assist in making this convergence of time.  We have realized the challenge is very difficult.  It has been for thousands of years.


Channel:  …yet it was interesting to stand by and observe?


Andromedan:  Yes my dear one.   We will close this platform of communication.  Excuse the delay in transmission.  We had to make minor adjustments to speak to you.  Remember happiness is a state of mind, but integrity with all that you are is the key to ascension.


Channel:  You never told me your name.


Andromedan:   I did. You thought it was a joke.  Call me Andy the Andromedan.


Channel:   (Smiling)  You sly fox….

Sept 2021

Andy the Andromedan

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 18x24"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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