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Lyran Panel:  It is our grandest honor to announce we are the galactic family of your earthling (client name withheld).  We bring forth a much needed communication, requested with much inquisition.  We communicate to you via this broadcast of frequency N-1313WU2 resonance.   Greetings


Channel:   Greetings to you brethren…..  have I spoken to your counsel before?


Lyran Panel:  You are not in resonance with our specific kind of Lyrans.  We see however you have the marking on your throat like theirs.  


Channel:  Well then,  are you bringing a message for (client) or are you bringing forth a platform so I may communicate with her higher divine expression?


Lyran Panel:  What you say is somewhat, but not exactly.   We provide a platform of a clearing so the communication may go “smooth sailing” as you would say.   Times are near for much change world wide level.   Do not be in hesitation nor wander in idleness.   Remain steadfast in your high vibrations of nutrients and water.  We strongly suggest you increase silica from the sea to neutralize the water level count in your body.   The waves of frequency shall begin in GMT midnight on the morning of Sept 26th.  They will concur on the 12th night of month 12.  At this point the frequency will increase to a staggering pitch where animals will become restless and to the humans, only those that have accepted the awakening to the Grand Dawn shall hear the trumpets of the angels.  With that said, we bring forth,  an archangel dear to the earthling (client).


Channel:   Archangel Ariel or is it Haniel?   You are so beautiful.


Archangel Haniel:   I am archangel Haniel of the Sea.  I am not Ariel.  I am Haniel.


Channel:   Welcome my beloved.   You look like Ariel in this image you are portraying.   Can you clarify?


Haniel:   I am Haniel, of the Seas if you may.  I am also Haniel of nature and elementals.  We are the same.   The last incarnations of (client name withheld) were near waters,  you are seeing the remnants of her last incarnations.  


Channel:   Do you have a message for her?


Haniel:   I do indeed.   I want to be in gratitude first for choosing to incarnate again and repeat thy earthling experience.  We are aware of your struggles as mortals.   We wish you know that this shall be your last choosing,  but you will always be able to choose again.   The slate is clean,  the debts of reincarnation are not to be held by karma.  For humans think karma to be what we consider opportunities for the soul to grow and evolve.   You are now free, you have reached your sovereign true claim on creation and unity of the heart for all beings within the multiverse.  Your achievement has been celebrated.    I am archangel Haniel,  the one who bows to creatures of Inner Earth every sundown, the one that worships the sun rays every morning, the one who realms across the waters at every moment, and rejoices the kingdoms of our Creator at ALL levels within ALL creations.   LOVE, meaning comprehend all aspects with zero judgment for all life forms are Gods creations and you are God within.


Channeled for
October 2021

Archangel Haniel of the Seas

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on wood

    • 18x18"

    • 3/4" Depth

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