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Cherub Angels:   Our selected one, our most treasured gift from the angels….. we declare we are the sorority of the Cherub collection within our 9th dimensional frequencies within your galaxy.  There are many of us in collective forms that bring our little angels into this crossover on your planes.


(Archangel Michael appears)


Channel:     Archangel Michael!   What a surprise… I was not expecting you here at all.  I am in the wonder of this beautiful cherub collection of angels bringing this dome of light carrying this birthing of existence for (clients name withheld)


Michael -  He is my fractal;  therefore of Haylel and Four.   He carries our imprinting within all realms and frequencies throughout all time since our beginnings.  This however will be a truly magical existence for him for he will create many manifestations within the divine and bring surprises of gifts, splendor, and incantations to many with his voice and charisma.


Channel – So…. Michael,  I am to paint his Divine Expression for his parents and later for his own growth.  How do I do this then?


Michael:   I can show you his previous life as you are seeing now…..

(I saw (xxx) previous life during the Victorian Era, very much like his mom’s time.  He was wearing a black suit, a cloak, and a top hat.  He was very tall, and excitingly attractive.  He had fair skin and dark blond wavy hair which he made look straight.  His fingers were long, his skin so smooth.  Very wealthy and he carried a red rose on his tuxedo pocket.  He wasn’t married and he was alone getting off a black coach carriage with red velvet seats.   I’d say the timing was early 1900’s cause this carriage did not look as old as the mid 1800 carriages).  


Michael:    …….but this will not incite him toward the activation he will need at 7 years old.  He will want to experience life you know, as a human of course  we will not interfere with that.   I am archangel Michael,  paint me.  


Channel:    It will be my pleasure and honor my beloved angel,  my brother, my friend,  my love.  I thank you for ALL.


Channeled for Esoteric Vibes
April 2023



Archangel Michael

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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