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I am Archangel Zadquiel, transmuter and alchemist.  With love and divine honor,  (name of client witheld),  I am your HS.  I am Archangel Zadquiel.  See me beloved one, with the ring of fire transmuting what no longer serves you;   So you may walk among the realms of the gardens of the elementals with freedom and total unconditional love and acceptance. 


Happy soul are you.  Happy soul are you, breathing among the living, and living among the dead.  Happy soul are you.   Through me you transmute.  Through me, you bring happiness to those that dwell and self-loathe.  I am Archangel Zadquiel,  you are a fractal of me,  (name of client witheld).    Once again, we are on this planet bringing forth light to those in darkness.  Your journeys have always been very special; our journeys that is.  Once again, now- I reveal to you, in this specific timeline that we,  (you and I), are one;  joined in the same honor of workmanship in transmutation bringing light to those in the dark.  It is my honor to have you as a fractal of me.  Be blessed.  

Archangel Zadquiel

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 24x30"

    • 3/4" Depth Black Frame

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