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Archilbald - Good Day me fellow companions!   From the Netherlands I fly to welcome your portals, I come from the cold mountain airs of Dumas.   A small village where peasants lived for hundreds of years from the 1400 to the 1700s.   


Channel- Please come closer so I can see you. 


Archibald -I come with a basket of white florals for you as a peace treaty so you can see I am benign.  I am not a troll.   I am not an Irish man either.   I am perhaps a leprechaun merged with a troll and I use much fairy dust as a way to engage my fractals with luck.


Channel- Do you have wings?


Archibald- I do not need wings to move about.  I am energy.


Channel-   He was expecting a green dragon.  Why have you come through instead?


Archibald - To bring him fortune.  His optimism is very fortunate for multiplying riches.


Channel-  How are you related in this fractalization?


Archibald - We lived in a nebula for some time.  We decided to incarnate on the 5th and from there it was easy choice to become physical as an earthling.


Channel -  Do you have a message that would serve him into a higher dimensional plane of existence?


Come tither be yonder

And observe the mountain goats

As the sun rays illuminate the rainbow

Of potted golds


Absorb the glitter of the suns

Absorb the droplets of its tears

Breathe in the air of grassy greens

Where life exists within marigolds


Step one , step two, step three

Do not look back

Come all ye has

Into this realm where souls are free.



Channeled for
July 2023

( I did some research for this little town,  but really didn’t find anything except that Dumas could be just the frequency of a name that could be Uma, Douma, Doum, Douth, etc.) 


(Definition of hither and yon is old-fashioned + literary. : here and there : many different places  -She has been very busy, traveling hither and yon.)


Out of Stock
  • • Acrylic on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 3/4" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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