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The Divine Expression of your higher self is called by the name of Ari……   We are here to bring her forth as a request of his physical being existence.


Me:  Are you saying that his Divine expression in the now moment is another being? 


Panel:  Yes…. We are.  You ask us to explain.  We shall.   His momentum frequency has an expression of a divine being within the light realms of what you call time within an angelic expression of Archangel  Uriel.  However,  you have invoked another light being expression which has appeared by the name of Aris and we would like to present her to you and him….


Me:  Very well, please proceed with the highest frequency messages of love and purity in light form


Aris:  Welcomed I am, so I will proceed.  I have been waiting for this moment of divine expression for some time.  For whom better yet to express myself through of the gifts of this wonderful panel of divine light through Daisy, or sister.   I am Aris, I can also be called Arianna, or even Arismendia.  I am of a galactic existence race known as the Galaetians of Phoenecia whom incarnated in Ancient Egypt.  I am also known as Galatea the goddess of the waters of beauty.  There are stories behind my name, yes,  some of them hold some truth. 


Me:  Welcome you are beloved sister.  I have seen you before and even spoken to you…. is that correct?


Aris:  Yes you have been confirmed.


Me:  Please care to deliver a message of spiritual progression to (client's name withhled)  that would serve his current timeline within his evolution please


Aris:   As we fly throughout time, my dearest incarnated Uriel,  my beloved….  We hold the hologram of time in a standstill where spring is always spring and winter holds its summer warmth for us as we express in vibration our existence between the realms of our existence.  We are carefree to choose you know,  I remind you to continue offering your loving smile to the earth at all times.  Enjoy the fragrance of the blooms even in the fall.


Me;  That is quite some message my beautiful Aris.   How should I paint you, for you look like the Goddess Venus….


Aris:   My nobility shall be expressed in the beauty of your talent,  my softness of my light shall come through my skin, and my light from eyes.  I am the light being of love and beauty, caresses of the wind, and even the messages in the smoke that carry the birdsongs through time in the distance.  I am Arianna, the goddess of beauty and no time,  the goddess of the inner child.



Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 18x24"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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