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I see Bells, bells,  many bells……. Then a very large wing appears!
“Greetings, my beloved children:  Children of a glorious sunrise.  I am Archangel Gabrielle,  I hold the key to the gates of the frequencies of the Sun.   I hold the trumpets that awaken your realities as they stand and as you make them vibrate, but I also hold the trumpets to its polarities as well.   For we are equal in all polarities of creation.  I shall keep this communication simple for my children, the little ones shall glorify in their awakenings as they too shall reap the seeds of creation which they chose such magical times to come and assist in these magnificent times of revelation.”

Me:  Welcome my Divine Gabrielle.  I didn’t understand why so many bells until I saw your golden wings.  I knew then it was you.  I am so humbled to be at your presence and so happy to see you have come forth as I have invoked the Over soul of  (name withheld)

Gabrielle:  I am her protector.  Paint her as I show you now (Gabrielle shows me a glittery golden unicorn in a magical forest full of giggling fairies).   

Me:  Do you wish I paint her as this elemental being?   Why the unicorn and not you?  (Name withheld) can see you if you present yourself to her.  

Gabrielle:  I want her to enjoy her current timeline.  She has an entire life ahead to serve her purpose as clairvoyant, sacred healer of the universe, and keeper of the Gates of the Sacred Gardens of the Children.  

Me:  Very well.  Can I speak to the unicorn then?  I would like to deliver a divine message from her current timeline’s higher self.

(It took a few seconds to understand the frequency of this unicorn.  The fairies were excited and flying around, giggling, and spreading a golden shimmer throughout which for me made it more challenging to get closer to the unicorn.  I asked for the unicorn’s name and I asked what role it plays in this forest.  I wanted to know if it was a transmuter of some sort….  Aspaeda is her name which I received telepathically.  She is of the purest form of all the magical creatures.  She vibrates at the 13th Gate which is very celestial, supreme,  and sacred plus a straight connection to the gates of the angelic realm.  This unicorn is not in Inner Earth. The actual dimension of her existence cannot be revealed due to sacredness. She has been awarded for her courageousness and holds a very special key to the realm of Divine Mother.)  

Me:  Is she coming through in this image of a unicorn out of safety?  

Gabrielle:  Since you are to illustrate her over-soul, this is the image we provide for her safety.  

Me:  Very well,  I can see and understand the reasons for such zealous guardianship.   Can I ask if she has any fragmented souls of past lives that need to be rescued, integrated, and transmuted in this now timeline for her?

Gabrielle:  She is a child of the Seventh Seed;  this race are incarnating on Earth with all polarizations of previous times absolved.  

Me:   Quite risky to choose incarnation in such times. I do not mean to judge, perhaps I say this to provoke further exploration from you.

Gabrielle:  This is the most Omni-present times on earth to have incarnated.  This is why you are here, she is here, and all those holding sacred spaces for healing to occur have arrived and are here now creating this moment of transcendence for all to form part of these historical timelines which the multiverse is witnessing: advancement for all awaits.   


Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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