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Athea:  Welcome,  you’ve called…..  


Channel:  Are you Athea?  I have invoked your lovely presence with the purpose of an illustration for (name withheld)  I would also like a message specifically for her growth and evolution in her current timeline and path, if you may?  She also has requested this painting to include a baby dragon she named (withheld) some time ago.  Would this possible please?


Athea:  I stand my ground at the entrance of her land, I am not alone.   I have companions of fire too.  I present to you Dorothea, the Golden dragon,  Theomus, the green dragon, and Laila, the pink teen dragon in training for self control. 


Channel:   Oh my, this is so lovely, but where is (name withheld)?  


Athea:  (Withheld) faces the eastern part of the entrance gateway.  Would you like me to bring him?


Channel:  Well, I need to paint both of you, so I do need to see both you together.  


Athea:  If I may ask that in this painting you portray her golden dragon Dorothea, for we both travel together often, Dorothea is also older than I by 1000 years or so.  


Channel:  Do you live in the same Kingdom Athea? 


Athea:   We do,  Dorothea and Laila do, but Theomus lives in the northern hemisphere.   He has been called to this side for Transmutations of Powers,  yet he will be returning to his point of entry.


Channel:  I find this fascinating to be able to speak to you so personably.   I normally see many dragons in sessions but since we are so dubiously working, I don’t get a chance to converse.


Athea:  Oh, my love but you have your dragons to speak to…. Don’t you engage with them?


Channel:  I admit I do not.  I simply appreciate their presence when they arrive to thank them.   Do you have a divine wise message for (name withheld)?


Athea:  I do…..  Calm the waters and the rift.   Call upon thy own wisdom of times.  Experience is the wise teacher of time, so use this to apply your powers and prerogative.   Come about the call of the waters and skies, the elements of time have not changed, yet your soul has, and therefore now you must use this guidance to travel through the choices that eternity brings and not lose yourself in memory because you’ve done this before.  So remember! Remember! Remember! Thy calling, thy steps, perch like the Phoenix!  Thy gaze upon the prey that attempts to hold time still and breath fire upon it so time can move again -in your favor this time.


Channel:  So beautiful…… thank you for that message to (withheld).  Does (withheld) have a message too?  Or perhaps Dorothea?


Dorothea:  We gather at your calling, we gather.  We join forces to unbind and release everything not dear.  We witness your creations as a collective, and we offer our support of force and life.  This I give to you, dear one,  the GEM of life itself, a gem that holds our fires within.  Hold it, wear it, carry it, use it.  It will show you the portals of battle, the dances of rains, and the fires under the moons from our kingdom.  We challenge you to imagination where turtles sing and flowers speak, it is a beautiful realm, we guard it with our lives, you are welcomed to be in it.  Stay pure in thy heart, for you are Athea, the purple queen of our dragons.   (She bows down).



Athea & Dorothea

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 18x24"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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