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I begin to see a vision of 3 dots,  the dots became clearer.  I then understood I was looking at tiny flying beings that looked like fairies, except they were asexual fairies (meaning not boy nor girl).   The conversation took place as follows:


Me:  Welcome, I can see you, the 3 of you clearly. 


Fairies:  Greetings, we are 3 Cyclical Fairies and we shall take you to (child's name withheld) Divinity (higher self). 


Me:  Did you say “cyclical”?  


Fairies:   Yes, we are a type of fairy within Inner Earth.  Follow us.  We will take you to the depths of the ocean sister.  We will show you his abode…..  He’s an orange dragon, with golden eyes.  His skin can turn iridescent green when he comes up out of the waters.  His kingdom is the 17th Realm within the Constellation of Eden in the 13th level dimension.  He protects the Covenant of the Golden Eggs which are the lives of the enchanted Mer Beings beneath the sea (they meant the mermen and mermaids).


Me:  I have no idea how to depict all this beauty beneath the sea on a painting!


Fairies:  You will show the green turquoise waters and in the end, the dragon.  Use glitter and gold.  Make sure everyone sees his crests for he is a grand dragon.  Very ancient, he is….as old as the beginning of time.


Me:  Does he have a name?  Can he give (child's name withheld) a message that would serve his highest purpose in this lifetime?


Fairies:  Azunjaja


Azunjaja:   Greetings my good one.  (Names the child and says), You are a caretaker of many races.  You have many children to watch over and guide.  Do not let the visions of the world betray your inner essence of wisdom and calling to servitude.  Use your inner guidance to answer your calling to teach and guide the youth.  There are many ways to enjoy this life yet be in servitude of your purpose to guide and teach others.  Maintain your sovereignty through your smile and heart.  Always ask your wisdom to show you the way back to your magic land of Enraa, our home.   Beloved you are.


Crystals to use:   Aragonite, Corals, Pearls, Sea Diamonds, (any sea crystal)


Channeled July 28th, 2021 

Azunjaja of the 13th Dimension

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 3/4" Depth Black Frame

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