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There is no need to invoke my presence. I am activated and I surround you. You’ve been painting me, quite an honor.


Welcome Bashat! There is a different name in the collective for you as Bastet, however during a client session you came in and I understood Bashat, would this be correct?


I am Bashat. I have other names and that is nail fine.


Could you give the collective a message Bashat?


Your times here on this plane..... this planet is much admired and even revered. It holds secrets within its oceans and ancient rocks. The elementals adore this planet because it’s a gate for both realms and beyond for many. Planet earth holds space for many formations. I can share secrets, but I choose not to. In ancient times I held and still do the power of creation, transmutation, and even transference of energy known in your times as magic. For thousands of years, we, the Bombay guarded the gates of gods and demi-gods. We stood by their side and absorbed the darkness of their souls so they could transpire onto higher planes.


I see you carry a green jewel on your 3rd eye. Is there a reason for this?


It heightens our teleportatation.  This is how we were able to defend our masters in the darker realms of dream-worlds. This is how we attacked the silent enemy and uncovered black magic rituals onto our kings. Like the eye of the eagle, we can see


What are the things you love the most, Bashat?


I can tell you the things I love the least: deceit, manipulation, abuse, takers, and selfishness. Being not in service to others is very selfish and those get to live out their earthling dream but they do come back to serve at one point or another. Humans have this condition to serve with a reason, serving within conditional boundaries does not grow the soul much less the spirit. It is a fools game, but many conform to the curiosity and so the game continues.


Are you wearing pearls?


I love pearls even though I do not prefer water. Water has its own magic.


What is your mystery Bashat?


I have none. I am unique and that is my mystery. I am taken for being unloving, but I hold humbleness and simplicity within, I just prefer exuberance! Am I not entitled to it?


I see you have bangles on your arms too. You are quite beautiful. Do you belong to the Feline Race?


I do. But in our Feline Race there are many variations of us in height, color. Yes we all speak various languages. We speak the language of love however. We are not warriors, but we serve the Light of the Golden Pillars. It is our home.


In which cases should we invoke your presence aside from guidance?


I can bring aid within the animal kingdom mostly. I can also dispel black magic clearly, I love children and women carrying child. Those are mainly my most fervent callings.


Is there a specific way we should honor you at an altar?


I love perfume, pearls, and catnip. I love blue lotus oil and frankincense is my favorite. The blue lotus lily is a sacred flower, if you boil it it releases colic and clears respiratory infections. Used as a cataplasm it can break down hematomas, bruises, and even close wounds. The Blue Lotus oil can be used in conjuring spells for love mainly and even prosperity. Used with garlic it can keep the wizards away and used with bone powder, it can numb a stinging bee bite.  Thats how we use it.


I honor, respect, and love you. Thank you  Bashat.

Bashat Bastet

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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