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Channel-  Is this a representation of her divine expression, her higher self in the now?


Cameelia- Yes,  I am the one she is requesting


Channel-  Do you have a name?


Cameelia -  Cameelia


Channel-  Where are you now?  Which dimension?


Cameelia-   We are in Inner earth.  We live among the elementals.  You may illustrate me as you see me now 


Channel-  Are you a fairy?  Which kingdom?


Cameelia-   We  live among the elves and the Cernodians.  It is their village.  


Channel-  How big are you?  I see you have the wing span larger than a butterfly.  


Cameelia-   We are only in your estimation no more than 6 inches.  Our elders can have 13”.


Channel-  That’s fairly large for a fairy population.  Would you have a divine message that would serve her well ? 


Cameelia-  We do, not that she doesn’t hear us.  We say to her,  walk 3 feet forward but not 3 feet backward because looking at your past will not serve only to delay the potential creations you can make.  Your journey will be a long one and it is up to you to decipher what you will make from such dream you create for yourself.   Laugh more and frown less.  Life is very human… we comprehend and we respect your choices,  but you have been asking for guidance and we are providing.  


You are not ill, nor are you destined to be, please have that conviction.  You are awakening from a dream that was created for you.  Now you can see the difference as you make choices to be within your sovereignty and exorcise such choice.   Fear not the things you cannot yet fully  embrace within your inner-stance.  Venture, explore, this is why you are here.   Discover the joys of this incarnation while allowing yourself to attract the things that serve you best, even if you think you are not fully embracing them.  Surrender to grace, be grateful and you shall see how easy you can create magic.


Channeled for


Out of Stock
  • • Acrylic on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 3/4" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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