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Camilo:  My dearest mother, I am now age 17.   I have chosen this version of myself so you do not ache for me,  nor long my essence.  You must know that I am well.  I watch over my siblings.  I can play with little (name withheld) but my time is being engaged soon for I have chosen a journey to come to Earth.  I will help those with the machineries of healing.   I know what holds on the planet,  but I will have gifts abound which I shall be able to remember my origin.  I shall be special indeed, with much to offer the world you live in.  Do not suffer my journey mother,  I have chosen such charade.  My physical appearance shall be other of European culture, where the liberties are “freer”.   Be at rest mother, sister, my twin flame that you are.  We will incarnate together during a time near a distant future where we shall be together as one.  I love you, Mama.  Camilo


Me:  Camilo, thank you for coming forth.  Before you leave,  I need to see your features clearly, so I can paint you as I see you now.  


Camilo:  The soul’s life is in the eyes.  The memory of the heart is held in the eyes.  Life and sacredness exist in the eye which attaches to the cells that connect to the membranes of memory.  It is a complex yet precious detail we have been gifted with.   Be well.  Enjoy the times to come.


Michael comes through


Me:  Welcome Michael,  why have you appeared?  Are you the divinity of Camilo?  Will you be guarding his journey of incarnation?


Michael:  I am his Higher Self.  Time is of essence.  We carry the journey with much zealous hold so it is pure and unscathed.  He is to incarnate among others who are ready to uphold the new ascension frequencies to bring about change into materialization for all.  The choosing has been complete.  The platforms are ready.  Behold the gifted for they hold the keys of vision and change, progress and evolution for all.


Camilo:  I love you “Mama”…. I love you my essence.


Me:  Thank you Camilo.  (Camilo is taken by two guardian angelics)


Me:  Michael…. I have one petition on behalf of (clients name withheld).  Can you please assist her in evolving into independence,  heal her body, eliminate all cells of negative mutation.  She is so gifted,  please bring about the power she longs to see and use.  


Michael:   She will be well.  No soul signs up for a journey they cannot undertake.  She is in full awareness of the journey she is to take; the pathways, however, shall be up to her free will doing.


Me:  Thank you my love… thank you Michael for your love and your purity.  Thank you for the battles you hold on our behalf.  We engulf in pain and self suffering many times,  but little do we know that you are always there to battle on our behalf.  My humble gratitude is in my heart for you. 


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  • • Oil on canvas

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