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Divine Being - I am the one you seek, I am the one you seek I say again.  Greetings therein.   I am your true and beloved master… the archangel of the work you do.  


Channel- Please come closer, I need to see you so I may paint you.   …..   I see a red burgundy cloak moving in the air, and a royal blue sash...   (I felt the energy immediately as Michael).


Michael:   I am your beloved Archangel Michael.   I have cast my shadow over you so you would sleep momentarily.  Quite a client session this morning, would you say?


Channel:  Yes indeed.  Thank you for being present always.   I have (client name withheld)  here and I need to paint her current HS and deliver a divine message that is helpful and enlightening in her Ascension process please.  What do you say?


Michael:   You have 2 options.  You can paint me (again) or you can paint her Lyran brother


Channel:  I do not wish to decide for her Michael.


Michael:  Then hold on to your frequency…


(Another energetic divine being approaches)


CastellEeon:   Welcome dear sister of the coven.   (Smiles slowly).   We are much obliged to your endeavors.  We thank you and honor you respectably for all you alchemize.


Channel:   Thank you brother of my star seed.   How should I paint you for (client name withheld)?


CastellEeon - Do you see in the distance, a small creation of our city?  You will paint that and in the forefront, you will paint my profile.  I am CastellEeon, Member of the Council of the Lyran Galactics 3rd Level Platform 366 in idleness currently observing your atmosphere.


Channel:  Is (client name withheld) with you during Dreamtime?


CastellEeon:  Yes.   She has returned to us once again to continue and add her contributions learned from the Pleidians.  It is a time of greatness and we are all working together to bring this creation of energies in celebration.   Many have crossed over and there will be many more soon to come into awareness


Channel:  CastellEeon, is there a specific message for (client name withheld)  that will open her access to her abilities of awareness?


CastellEeon:  She must learn to read the Akash, train as much possible to access these stars of information. That is all we can reveal in this moment. Her heart has reached the heart purity percentile and we have granted her access to the treasures of information.   The nausea you are feeling is the wavelength you are in to retrieve this message.   We will adjust….  


Channel:  Thank you.  I see you an elder.   Is (client name withheld) a humanoid on your star, now?


CastellEeon- She has quite ascended for frequencies evolve quite rapidly in the 9th dimension.   (Client name withheld) is in the 7th now.  She is performing tasks in preparation for stardom and the exuberance on earth and other smaller planets.


Channel:   Why am I seeing water?  Is there water on your planet?


CastellEeon - There is water on our planet; however it provides us with nutrients and our water here is very untouched for it is the source of energy for us. 


Channel - How else can  (client name withheld) benefit from your connection?  


CastellEeon - Her mother is of our Lyran star; her sister as well.   Her son too if she decides to bring him forth.  The journey is broad and as you know, nothing in the Akash is set in stone, for it all travels like the speed of light ever so changing. 


Channel - Will she receive an activation, a healing with this painting?


CastellEeon- I am K129 and that is how she can access me directly when she needs my intervention or clarification directly to her.  She can invoke me upon demand and will.   She will evolve in technological communication.   We will not reveal further for we cannot have her being induced into decisions.   We will close the platform of transference now and shut the frequency.   We thank you.


Channel:  Thank YOU.


Channeled  for
Jan 6, 2022

CastellEeon K129

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 18x24"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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