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Cherubim Angel: It is I that you seek. Seek no more. For what you ask in the now is received and created in the now. That is the gift of Ascension, the mastery to create upon will the desire of the heart.


Channel: May you please reveal yourself as the oversoul of (name withheld)? We seek an illustration of your portrayal so that he may reach the level of inner stance and activation of your divine codes.


Cherubim Angel: Come closer to see. We shall stand in front of a mirror in which you shall see within in order to see me. As you see me, you shall see the oversoul of (clients name withheld)


Channel: Why the mystery? This is not needed.


Cherubim Angel: It is, for I have tried to reveal myself to you.  Incredulous woman,  indeed you are. We share the same oversoul.


Channel: I will not consent to trickery nor misleading, so play zero games and reveal yourself please if you are within a high divine frequency of transparency, goodness, and humble hearted intentions.


(I saw in the skies, among the clouds, chariots of gold. I saw Demeter. I saw Pegasus. I invoked the oversoul repeatedly and awaited the arrival of his majesty or perhaps her majesty.  I then saw 3 little baby angels arrive with a white transparent cloth and they draped the sheer cloth over me. I felt no fear or apprehension. I was taken far, and away. I waited to arrive…..I opened my eyes at a court of very, very tall columns that glistened in the dim lighted altars of a great court. I was asked why I am here. I am seeking the oversoul of (withheld). At this grandiose court, there was an elder dressed in white, and a lady. They asked me what the purpose was for my invocation.)


Cherubim Angel:  Say no more, we have measured your heart and intention. So you are the one that does these paintings.


Channel: Yes, I am in all humbleness Sir. May I ask who you are?


Court Elder:  I am the Ruler of this Counsel. To your surprise, you shall be brought in the face of such creations which originated these dimensional frequency creations of space. There is no mystery here. Therefore, we allow you to make contact. We see you can bi-locate. We shall facilitate the platform then. Are you ready?


(I then saw there were tall water filled barrels. A holographic creation was attempting to formalize as I saw dirt on the ground. An old time...wooden shacks in a town, empty, almost ghosted with rolling hay. The wind came along and the vision turned into a storm of desert, of sand, and the wind howled as if alive. I heard the words "Carry Me".


Channel: Please reveal yourself for me to see you.

(A being that floated from a moon descended from the heavenly clouds)


Cherubim Angel:  I am who I am. I am a particle from your Creator. I am female, I am masculine, and I am all. I am the original spark of light, of creation from the breath of our Divine Master. The one you call God, the Almighty we surrender to with love and adoration. We are the angels from our Savior; we are the Creators of Life and breathers of air, the shedders of dark and makers of fire. We created all the elements of your earth, we created you. You asked and here we are. We are 5. We are the Oversoul of earth, within its organic template. When sound was born, we breathed air into your lungs. Man created a mystery around what they do not understand. We perfectioned the race with admonishments. We are not just one. One is the ALL. If you wish to illustrate your divine Fathers then this is what you shall show them.

(I went back, back in time. I saw Agamemnon, I saw violet dragons, I saw rivers, clouds, and I saw the earth. I saw “God” breathing life onto the element of fire. I heard the mantras of sounds divine of mmmmmmm, ommmmmm, maaaaa, saham, saham, ohhhhhh, lammmmm, ohhhhh, mmmmm, divine sounds that vibrated within me, breaking me down into tiny particles of existence. Then I saw him….. He emitted a golden yellow light, or her perhaps? Gigantic in formation with beautiful rainbows of creation. I couldn’t contain my tears so I shed them. Being in awe of this presence, I could not find words.  Was this an angel, a divine dragon, a unique creature of Inner Earth,  or all perhaps?)


Cherubim Angel: I am your king. I am the love you have felt all your life, I am the sorrow and the happiness, and I am the desire to return home.


Channel:  What or who are you in this category of creation? How are you related to Creation itself? How are you the oversoul of (clients name has been withheld)?


Cherubim Angel: I am one of the sounds that was created from -on earth. I am among the hands of our creational vibrations. I do have two legs of a bird. I also have wings. My head is of a bird, my body is of a lion.   We are similar to the griffins of inner earth, chimaeras perhaps. The first angels created had lion faces with very pointy ears, they had wings yet had human features. After the wars, the angels were created, the archangels were created to help and guide humans.


Channel:   So out of those angels, who carries the oversoul of  (name withheld)?  


Cherubim  Angel:   Archangel Sandalphone. He also has Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Jophiel. Does this answer your inquisition ?  We reveal what is needed for him to move forward. The rest is just an accumulation of evolution.


Sandalphone:   It is I that you see approaching dear one. I come through the forest with a harp in hand, a flute, sounds of musical birds flying from the trees that speak in tones.


Channel: Come closer, Sandalphone, please. It was quite a journey to get to you.


Sandalphone:  You asked for the Oversoul, you should’ve asked for the first angelic creation. Here I am.


Channel:   Well thank you for the clarification. I most certainly will keep that in mind. Please deliver a message for him to appease his intentions for prosperity, health and spiritual growth.  (The message for the client has not been posted due to its sacredness).


After much research,  I was divinely inspired to seek  the Cherubim angels.  These are among the Seraphims.  They have four faces:  man, ox, a lion, and eagle. They have four wings , a lion's body, and ox feet. Cherubims guard the way to the tree of life (Genesis 3:24) and the throne of God (Ezekiel 28:14-16).  Please seek your own inner-standing.

Cherubim Oversouls

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 24x30"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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