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For centuries, perhaps a thousand years, we travailed through the labyrinth of equated times and space where we shared the same vision of justice and equality for earth.


Channel- So what happened, did that change?


Perhaps, getting caught in a loop of recycling was a big challenge to release.


Channel - Who are you?


am in Constantinople. The one who barged through life with claiming justice for all. Yes I am a fractal expression. I am Constantine


Channel - Are you released from that time? Constantine the Great?


Constantine -  I am still here in the presence. I would very much like to evolve but I am not in a state of redemption for I have caused much deliverance on injustice I must say.


Channel - That can be arranged. I will call upon Archangel Azrael and we shall soul retrieve you now. What traits of you has (clients name withheld)  brought into this life?


Constantine - An arduous passion for life, an immeasurable desire to conquer righteousness, and a repressed desire for vengeance.


(It is ​year 319)


Constantine - My forgiveness if I have placed you in a detriment of concern. But you have invoked my presence perhaps not knowing with obvious attention, but I am here. (Client) is a reincarnation of my essence. I am ready to part with my realities of this time now. I wish to move on and evolve. I strongly believe that I, we, have ordained ourselves with the conviction of pardon and mercy. I was also born in Constantinople, where I also held a leadership within authority and again I committed acts of vengeance and disgrace upon my soul. I was later re-born into a cavernous family, where poverty was my lesson and victimhood was my redemption, but I steered from such a lesson and instead took from the poor to survive becoming aggressive and aversive to mercy. My soul asks for forgiveness. We have had many incarnations you see. I was also the husband of Lady xxx

I shall not reveal the name here. I did murder my wives, I did. I ask for forgiveness in divinity. I plead for the life of my spirit for I can hear the trumpets of justice come upon me now and I am ready to enter the kingdoms. I bow upon this Grace I am perceiving. I reckon on the lives I have taken. I beg for justice and yet mercy upon my ​soul and will if I may.


Channel - What effect will this have upon (client)?


Archangel Azrael - The lifetimes of his own created purgatory shall be lifted and integrated where he will experience an inner peace versus a desperate search for forgiveness, a hunting of goodness he will feel upon his soul. A lifting of a burden that has made his heart heavy with no answers to why. Thy Fathers house has many rooms….. spirit has created and recreated his own versions of realities​, ​existences, and experiences. Justice has played out repeatedly but so has divine love and compassion. You shall paint this Higher Self as you saw him;   the client shall research as he feels.


Channel - Azrael, this is quite an experience to have channeled this essence.

Archangel Azrael  - No different than all the ones you have. Nothing makes any difference. Thank you for working humbly with all that you do.

channeled for  Sept, 2022



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  • • Oil on canvas

    • 24x30"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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