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 Counsel:  (Clients name withheld) is a chosen one within our realms. She is here to assist in the process of clearance and enlightenment (do not call it judgment) for you know we do not use such term. We are the Council but not of Nine. We are the Council of Three currently in her timeline to process those of immediate transgression and convergence from passing (death). She (client) serves in our kingdom as she is one of us to deliver those that believe in trials. Truth there is neither trial nor judgment when physical body ceases.


Me: I see you wear beautiful white capes and exist within a realm of clouds. I shall not ask for your name specifically, but would like a title for her painting please.


Counsel: You can call us the Board of Ascension, the Council of Elevation; we are a myriad of  "death"  represented in three.


Me:  Thank you. Do you have a message for (client name withheld)?


Counsel:  Yes, we have. She is to continue in her path of sovereignty as she continues to guide those in transgression. She holds a title of magnitude within her mission. Caution to trickery or self servitude, for she must uphold the flagship of transmutation; in her case/our case, we hold the battle of light and she is the one of us to carry forth this workmanship of convergence and deliverance of those energies. We declare sovereignty above your crown as well Daisy, for both (client and myself) have selected such affiliation to work in these realms of glory for those that no longer can exist in the darkness of creation. We are here because time has allowed us, because evolution has come to its moment of sovereignty and its claim to justice within. We are the Council of Creation for those that choose to be polarized, for those that choose incarnation we guide and we instruct on the maintenance of newfound light and inner glory.

Counsel of Creation

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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