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A dragon appears…..


Channel:  My good being welcome.  Please come forth.  Explain yourself.

Michael arrives:   In fellowship I intend to clarify.  The dragon is a part of her,  not just a guardian.   You may speak with her as needed. In divine timing you are sister


Channel:  You are so beautiful.  May I ask if you have a name?


Dragon: Doncella


Channel:  Is there a reason why you have approached us during this invocation?


Doncella:  I am Doncella of the 5th realm within the Kingdoms of Aragon.   For thousands of years (client ) and I have been together.  I have incarnated perhaps twice for short periods of spanned timing to accompany her or teach a lesson.   Today,  I come forth so she knows me and is secured that she presences me with accuracy.   I am Doncella of the 5th Realm.   My message to her is that she look forward without regret nor pain from the past.  We are all in a learning curve to come together therefore we must teach each other lessons and accept them lovingly for our own goodness.   You will know when someone intends to truncate your path. Such person should be taught by role modeling the “correctness” of behaviors.   Perhaps I am trying to tell you that you can change the outcome of potential realities by persisting in creating a positive timeline.   To manifest at your heart’s desire is to see it and live it until it is created in the real time.

I am of iridescent skin.  I am feminine energy.   I am Doncella.   I give you my ball of fire to begin transmuting what needs to be eliminated from your life path.  May you be crowned with luxuries of the heart. 


Channeled for
October 2022


Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrappe

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