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I come from the 8th Dimension, since you asked to know.  I am a lover of the elements of nature.  See me as I am within that.  I am free,  a free soul as the Higher Self of (name withheld).   She is free to choose.  She has released karmic ties that were binding to other lifetimes where betrayal left her soul very much marked.  You ask if she needs another AURA session.  The answer is she would benefit from one indeed.   You ask if she has fractal lost souls to recover that would benefit her in her current time line?  The answer will always be yes to all those that ask and are in the beginnings of their awakenings for much of all your fractals are now being discovered and rescued for unison. 


I am Casiabelle of the Forest.  See my beautiful white flowing dress.  I am a druid yes.  My beauty is within her.  I am not a lost fragment, but I am her over-soul.   I bring her here during Dreamtime just like I transport her over the mountains of Gaia and rivers of Inner Earth as well.  We do live among the crystals you see here for every crystal holds life within, communicable life and sounds. She holds the Keys of Protection within our Realms and she transmutes what she brings back from her journeys during her attempts to recover her fragmented souls. 


Me:  Can we bring in her fragmented souls since Ascension is here in the now time?  Can we polarize any attachments and release them into light as well, please?    I shall request Metatron’s assistance, then with the Violet flame.

Casiabelle goes and brings in a fragmented lost soul of (name withheld) and explains that this lost soul has been in darkness for quite some time with feelings of loss like a threat of clinical depression with feelings of hopelessness and deep feelings of mourning.   Many tears, much sadness.  


Me:  I will contain such energy and alchemize for the energies are ready to transmute.  


Casiabelle:  She will need to follow up with a RAAH session or an AURA Hypnosis session to complete the remaining transmutations she is ready to release.  I am in deep gratitude sister Daisy for your labor here now.   I see the veil has become very thin for Energy Workers and Guiders.   We welcome you in this Realm lovingly


Me:  The honor is mine Casiabelle.  Do you have a message that can serve her in her now timeline, please?


Casiabelle:   Please do not live any regrets because that is remembering the past.   That is long gone.  You have entered the 3rd phase of your journey and now you will see the power you have always had but were “blind” to using it.   Pursue your dreams because NOW is the time to LIVE without fear nor limitations.   See your dragons of this realm and enjoy the rainbows within them for they are your dragons to enjoy here to serve and protect you, transmuting everything you are ready to release which you have been releasing for some time now.   For that we all congratulate you.  Trust that you free.  Travel the world and enter that phase of self-discovery. Be daring and courageous for you WON!

Druid Casiabelle of the 8th

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on wood

    • 18x18"

    • 3/4" Depth

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