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Durga Ma Shakti


Divine Mother:  You have honored us with your servitude.  Please breathe as we ground you for this vision. We shall take you down a dirt path, where the climate is arid and dry.  On the yonder you will see greenery and the sun shining bright.   This vision will grant you the message (client) is seeking.


Channel:  Thank you for assisting and guiding me. 


Divine Mother:  You have provided with much stealth healing and transference of energies that were latent, dormant, and stagnant, clearly not serving any of its beholders; we have granted you honor and mercy for serving our beloveds with grace and humility.  You have stumbled across dense matters and willfully held strong to your convictions of alchemy and resourcing.  We will honor you on the day of your departure.  We will say not more to this topic and move into the mission you hold now.  We have arrived at the forest where there is a waterfall.  Look carefully and you will see Shakti inside it.   Wait for she will approach you based on your frequency and from this you shall paint the image she allows you to see.


Channel:  Thank you.  Thank you


Shakti:   I am Shakti, the one you are seeking.   Yes you are seeing two versions of me.  And you will paint both.  Include the waterfall if possible, with only 3 hands on each side.  With a shell, a trident, a spear, sword, and a flower.  In the back,  I shall show 1 hand holding the trident to not be confused with Shiva; however, we are both 1…..The mysteries that unfold our energies are one of many throughout the times, stories, and visions of the believers.  We honor all.   Do not be elaborate with this painting for this vision comes out of the waters.  You may show the forest, but the waters are the direct conduit for this transmission. 


Channel.  Do you have a message for (clients name has been withheld)?   He wants you to know his love for you is grand.


Shakti:  We hold him within our hearts.  He’s traversed for thousands of years with us and he is a fractal of us.  We will greet him on his departure and then he will choose his next forthcoming.   (She says this directly to the client)  The tears you have cried and the sorrows of your heart will be transformed so you may never bow down again unless you’re in gratitude.   Your humiliations were ours and know that there is never a deed taken in vain or an act committed without justice. We do not say this to encourage vengeance nor thoughts of what is just or not, we convey this so you can gain the stance that to be in grace is to recognize duality in everything as a necessary ingredient for growth.  


(I was now able to hear Kali Ma singing and dancing in wild love and celebration.  My heart racing as she pumped racing blood into my heart to wash away doubt within me.  I smiled for her love for I so enjoy her swing.  She came in closer and only tears chuckled down my cheeks.  She slowly said, “WE WON!  You will honor our kingdoms.”  She then crowned me with Parvati’s crown.)  


Shakti:   Remember to include the water cup on the right hand and the leaf on the left.  The sword shall be on the left and the lotus on the right.  I am Durga Ma Shakti, bearer of light for all to see, transmuter of roles taken by the suffered. I bring dances of joys, I bring transmutations, water to those who thirst and peace to the troubled heart, secrets of mysteries, peace to the believers.  I am Durga Ma Shakti.


May 2022
Channeled for

Durga Ma Shakti

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on Canvas

    • 20x26"

    • .75" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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