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Lyran Panel:  We are the Lyrans coming through once again to provide a platform for the following transmission.  You have requested the presence of the fractal self of (clients name withheld); we are here to provide the necessary platform to make communication possible.   From the magical kingdom of the 9th realm, I present to you Dwarda.  She is a fairy like creature of high intelligence prominent from the race of the Hermas which are a race of different degrees of fairies, and mutated variances of such. 

Channel:  Thank you brother.  Once again, thank you for your presence always.  Are you from our sisterhood Lyra star or are you pertaining to the Lyrans which (clients name withheld) belongs to in between incarnations?


Lyran Panel:  I pertain to the star you both come from yes.  However, the immediate fractal manifestation incarnated as light body for (name withheld) is this fairy:  Dwarda.   She has a body of no more than 7” in height and 12” wide with wing span.  She has golden yellow hair; however there are manifestations of the Hermas that have no hair and most are hermaphrodite in nature and others are asexual. 


Channel:  That’s beautiful to see.   Is it possible for Dwarda to provide (name withheld) with a message that would serve her in her current timeline with growth and evolution and progress?


Lyran:  You would be required to open the animal kingdom portal with your alchemy symbol.


Channel:  Very well.  I shall do that now…. The symbol began to spin in clockwise motion very rapidly.  I was taken down a narrow tunnel and at the end I was welcomed into the most magical forest one can envision, where the streams of water are completely translucent with blue shimmers.  The sun’s rays can be seen through the trees.  Each leaf on every tree breathes and glimmers!  I can also see live rocks under the crystal clear flow of water, what looks like a creek.  They look like gemstones, alive gemstones! 


Lyran:  This is the 9th Kingdom of (location withheld as requested by higher self fractal). These are very highly guarded and sacred lands within this realm, guarded highly by a specific sub-race of the Lyrans.  This is why I had to come through for this transmission. Dwarda cannot vocalize her frequency, so I shall be the transmitter.  We will also prepare you to receive the frequency.  


Dwarda:  Hello.  I am known as Dwarda. We each here have a different frequency of identification. 


Channel:   How did this amazement of magic happen?  How did (name withheld) become a fractal incarnation into your realm of existence?


Dwarda:  We have lived in this kingdom for over 1000 years so we are fairly young.  We were mostly created by children.  Many children died during the different plagues and they created this kingdom.  Our souls hold many souls of playful happy children and those that come here through starvation or disease immediately find rest.   Those souls are brought to us by the Legion of (name of angel withheld) or are dropped by orders that the darker energies must follow.  They are dropped into a specific location where the legion picks them up.  When they are “dropped” here, they are restored physically before they ascend into our fields with their light bodies.


(The excerpt that followed was not published due to secrecy and safety of this kingdom -for obvious reasons currently).


Dwarda:  We prefer to maintain the secrecy of our gardens.  I have been told you would comprehend the reasons.


Channel:  Very well.  I will not share such part of this transmission.  (Clients name withheld) does have a request for guidance though.  Are you able to provide us with such for her?  She’d like some kind of information that would gear her towards a more direct path.


Dwarda:  She has questioned this repeatedly.   She is swindling between options.  (The purple dots you are seeing are my “sisters and brothers”).   Everything she creates will honor her livelihood here on this planet during this lifetime.  She will have the grasp to the empowerment she seeks, but the work of her soul must continue for if we provide answers then the work is evaded.  This is the nature of the human race.  Comfort is the highest adaptable addiction for humans.  She really has many options to choose from.


Channel:  She is really asking for some kind of decisive guidance as to what path to take.  I guess the real question is what lessons does she have to check off in this lifetime?  Would that be a better question?


Dwarda:  Humility is the standard deviation for meagerness.


Channel:  That’s a trick statement.  Which type of deviation, low or high?


Dwarda:  Ha ha ha, made you think huh?   I am not stating that scantiness is equal to meagerness, nor that being humble requires living in such conditions.  Therefore, she is to interpret this according to her projection.   A high deviation for humility would be meagerness; this simply means that if she is to spread humility across all her options she will find gratitude and grace within any decision.  These are virtues of the heart which are kept with the light body.


Channel:  So humility, gratitude, and grace…..  Not to be judgmental, but I feel all that in her already.  So tell me something she doesn’t know already.   Hmmm?


Dwarda:  Options options, I cannot predict the future.  There is no future.   There are many fields of restoration….The medical field, the educational field….. New schools with new implementations and new philosophies based on truth and varied exploration.  The new souls coming into incarnations now are very unique and your race could use a restorative system to welcome such amazing talent instead of relying on old distorted versions of “truth”


Lyran:  We will now complete the platform and thin out the frequency


Channel:  I want to thank Dwarda for all her information and message provided.  Thank you Dwarda.  Thank you Lyran.  I now close the panel and wavelength. 


March 2022




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