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Gabrielle/Twin Flame =  Like two birds of a flock we come.  We appear as one, but we are two. To your soul, we are ONE within the Divine.


Channel   =  Welcome:   Is it possible to have further understanding because its our intention to know the twin flame and be able to illustrate that which she calls Gabriel Elohim.  How must I convey this illustration of you both?   I can see clearly what you look like as a whole, but almost too ethereal to convey.  Please advise or clarify


Gabrielle/Twin Flame Angels = We are the voice of the Elohim.  Much more in complexity that the imagination of the human can undertake.  The colors are purples and lavender for I the twin flame.   The colors for I are blues and the colors of the sky.   We appear often within the skies of your atmosphere.  Like vapor, like smog we form our truth


Channel =  I must be able to see a clearer version of you both and provide (client) with information that is relevant to her.  


Gabrielle- The vision is different for most seers, some can see our true formation, others just colors, others just the light.  They are all verified as Truth.  There is no mystery to our appearance.  We are who we are and we are the I AM within sacredness.   Illustrate what you see.


Channel = Thank you,  I will attempt my best.   Does the twin flame of purples have a name please?   


There was no response to this question.   Two days after, again,  I decided to consult them….


Two buds of a flower rise to meet their unique transformation..... 


Gabriel = It is our honor to be in contact with you.  You ask for an illustration and divine message in this comment for (client)   We say to her that wealth belongs in the heart, abundance belongs in the solar plexus, and transformation occurs at the Crown.  These are the divine channels and centers of activities at its highest frequency.    The spine carries the essence of the soul.        You ask how must you paint me/us for (cient)?   A beautiful projection in abstract from of a flower, perhaps in muliti-dimensional effect to exemplify our creation.  The flower is simply you (the client), the vessel.  We are only but a glimmer of your creation through your expression, now divine.   You have reached integrity of polarities within you, meaning you have worked your shadows and inner darkness.   Normally a twin flame would point that out to you, but here in the now  it expresses liberation through you.   Liberated now you can express each other with ease and no pain,  with harmony and no contrast.  


Both Gabrielle and Twin Flame -  We are you.   We are divinely expressed now within you.   The power is ignited and you can project your freedom without doubt nor even stagnation if you decide to serve a hologram of transmutation for others.   You will notice how things will be changing as they are evolving.   Evolve away from confusion and into clarity,  away from disease and into self healing.   Modalities and practices shall evolve into zero dependence on healers and full development of self mastery in healing.   This shall not be tomorrow in earthling years but more in 24 lunar cycles perhaps 36 for not all earthlings are prepared to know this truth of inner power.   Many still wish to learn from others, and so…. they choose.  


Channeled for
January 2023

Elohim Flame

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 20x20"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrappe

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