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Lyran brethren:  We welcome you. We gather here in this transmission as the Lyran family bringing awareness and consciousness of our existence into her timeline. What she did not know then, she does now and therefore ready to contribute of her own making into her own creations.


Channel - Thank you brother of the Lyron race. Are you here in representation of her galactic family or are you bringing in her divine expression?


Lyron - We can do either, but in your invocation you have asked for clarification and concurrency with her timelines; therefore, we came.


Channel - The reason for this connection is for me to paint an illustration of her divine expression in the now.  Can you assist with that or should I invoke her Oversoul ?


Lryon – She is ready


(Archangel Gabriel arrives)


That was quite quick. Usually seeing an Oversoul takes a process. LOL, But I am so thrilled to see you brother. Thank you and please pardon my level of trusted communication. Can you please confirm if you are here for her?

I am Gabriel. Many lifetimes ago, she perished repeatedly with illness, disease, tortures, and humane egocentricities. Today, she has reached her final inquisition where she can now choose feely, willingly (do not complicate this term) and will the life she so desires fo​r​ herself.   (Client's name withheld)  You wonder about life, children, the depth of choices. Being human is a challenging endeavor, but it is not one any of you have left without remorse. In the end, the journey comes with many blessings. It is perspective.

Channel - How should I paint you for her? Can you show me something concrete or perhaps come closer


Gabriel - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Angels and their expressions come in many ways and forms. Protection is needed to give us formation as per your conceptualization. You ask then what is hers?


Channel – I see Gabrielle now. Very well. Do you have any messages for her that would bring her further abilities of creation to hand, any matters she needs to ameliorate now?

Gabriel - They have been taken over and resolved.   She is on her path.  Enjoy the experience.


April 2023
channeled for Esoteric Vibes

Gabriel My Reflection

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  • • Size: 16x20 inch 

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