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Hanielle in the Forest:


My dearest loving child, how we have traveled through all the vastness of the wilderness caring for all life forms within.   Being human is no different than navigating the hemispheres of all times.  Caring is the important factor in each incarnation and learning the freedoms each one brings.


You call them freedoms Haniel, but are they really that?


They are to the souls that incarnate, they free us, they move us, and they allow us all to evolve in growth, in wisdom.  Is not that freedom?


Freedom from what Hanielle?


What is your enslavement my loved ones?  What enslaves you to the flesh now?  What keeps you coming back?   (Long silence….).   Release.    That is the goal to every soul.  It is not just the experience; it is the release that comes from such experience.   The ability to experience your flesh every time brings the hefty price of release.    To some, such release has a high price.   In the end, the experience of freedom is the goal.  Freedom releases the enslavement, the imprisoned mind and constricted heart.

September, 2023

Hanielle in the Forest

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on Canvas

    • 18 x 24"

    • 1" Depth 

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