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You seek truth…..I am the truth, the divine and the clarity you seek.   Across all essences of spirit, your spirit, you have reached this final conundrum only to begin a new journey of clarity.   May your wish be now granted and activated within the truths you now seek.   I am the collective of masters, teachers, goddess, gods, and light beings that hold the Ankh of Truth, of wisdom within your ascension. 


Welcome  your holy divineness.  I thank you for coming through.  We have been wondering about your existance for some time now.   Tell me about yourself, show me yourself within the light and the essence of love and transparency please so we may gather answers and be in your highest most divine frequency of truth and clarity that would serve us all in these now times.  (She shows me a bird.  It’s a blue bird with pretty large span blue wins and a red head.   I arrive into sacred lands of different animals.   Light glistens through the trees.  The clouds open up to a stairway, there's a white marbled stairway that disappears in the clouds.)


To hold the frequency as you enter these gates,   hold your breath and count back your numbers (yet she shows me symbols, that stand for numbers) Count from 9 backwards to zero.  Upon reaching 0 you shall see my face.  


( I see blue/dark brown hair, long, a golden headdress, birds)


The essence of Hathor is a spirit, fully transparent as you can see.  We are a voice within a collective of energies that hold space for humanity.  We hold codes, light codes that open stellars of stars within our kingdoms.    I am Hathor to you


(I see blue blue eyes, cinnamon skin.  Dark thick brown hair however a headdress that looks like an eagle?, a falcon?, all in gold (Sun God RA?)   She gives me a key that looks like the ankh.


With this you shall open the doors to our secrets.


With what purpose my queen?


(She smiles) I thought you were queen?   Ha ha ha.   Many lifetimes indeed you have had…..  Yet here we are meeting again.  This time to fulfill a prophesy of fortune.


Do you have a message for Megan? Do you both hold the affinity?


Oh yes,  but she is still discovering magic of the angels,  while you, her other half seeks the answers behind the closed doors, wishing to see with clarity of what lurks behind them.   Not much different than your previous lives.   We all each hold secrets to eternity.   Ha ha ha, Earthlings are still searching for the fountain of youth you are seeking the fountain, the Ankh to life.  She seeks the fountain of truth and serenity.  You want peace within your rebellious warriors’ hearts.   You both seek the Ankh of life and wisdom.   I am Hathor, I am the fountain of power, grace, and I serve my Lord in the heavens of light and truth. 


Why are you a collective?


We were formed by different truths and generations, and cultures so we uphold such for all.   This is why you see a lion, an ox (a cow?), birds, and many faces of Hathor. 


Were you a physical woman once?


I incarnated many times as an earthling,  within the Blue Avians,  the Lyrans, and the Lemurians,  The Aryans as well and others.  We did this to evolve our spirits and permeate across all essences to lead into the planes of evolution.


Who is your oversoul my dearest?


They are all essences under this collective.   Archangel Aurora, the phoenix, Isis, Hathor, the Sphinx, Tutankhamen, and Nefertiti.  Take the key and open the gates to truth,  to see.   Our search is important.  To find yourself  is to find GOD source energy


She shows me many keys.  And transfers the feeling of “many truths lead to Source:  The Truth”.  It’s funny how when we are in thinking mode, we come up with many questions yet in the presence of the divine, we hold value in silence.  


Wake up.  You’re in a dream.  There is no mystery.  No secret.   You are the magic, you are the secret.   You have arrived.   So ask what you wish for.


We are asking.  We are within synchronicity.   And we search for more.   Should we not be?


There are many truths, but one goal.



Use the key to open the door


I use the key to open the door to liberty and peace


How and what for will you use the key?


Channeled for Esoteric Vibes July 2023

Hathor's Key

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on Canvas - Framed

    • 18 x 24"

    • 1" Depth 

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