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Haylel:   I am here,  I am always here with you,  with him (client's name withheld), with the world. 


Me:   Haylel you are so beautiful,  your golden light is beamingly beautiful, like a bright star, like the holiest spirit.   You make me cry every time I see your Glory.  I have seen Archangel Gabriel,  but I must admit, that you are the most beautiful of all.


Haylel:  What you are seeing is your own light, power, and glory as of the fine Creator beings that you have ascended into.  You are seeing the light body that you have become for those that have accepted the journey.  I take no credit.


Me:  (holding back tears so I can converse)  I want to communicate with you how much my love for you is.  It’s been so hard to forgive humankind for their blissful ignorance and injustice throughout time.  You are so brave for the role you’ve played-


Haylel:   I halt you there for that is no longer the case.  We have crossed over into the new realm, we have ascended as a collective of angelics too.  I hold that within my most profound joy!


Me:  Thank you.  I am in such a state of happiness for all of us. Can you please provide a message for (withheld)?


Haylel:  (Client's name withheld)  my most studious student.  See him in the eye and you can see me.  It’s that simple.   We held the energies through time to bring chaos into light, at whichever cost.   Now he travels like a Guardian of Light though the ethers rescuing and saving humankind  throughout the dimensionalities of time and space, yes indeed.   Hold thy spear with aim and caution for not all that stands before you is to be judged, not all that stands before you is to be claimed by righteousness.  That time has expired.   Carry thy brethren within compassion meaning acceptance of their choices and not pity.   Your woes are not burdens so do not make them heavier than they are.  Remember it’s all an illusion that you’ve created.  So if you created it,  then you can turn everything into your desire -can you?  I shall not tell you to believe in your power,  such clichés are not needed.   I still hold the vibration as Haylel and as such I am direct in my deliverance.  You shall realize that all around you is really simple.  You will understand that ignorance and fear really amplify chaos.  With those words I shall leave you, but know that I, Archangel Haylel am within you.


Yours is the power

Yours it the glory

Yours is the creation

April 2021

Haylel's Glory

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 18x24"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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