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  Metatron:   I am Metatron.  I am the one you seek for (client name withheld)  Were you expecting another being?   (laughs)

Me:  I had to make sure you were not inviting yourself to my dinner party  LOL.  I love you Metatron.

Metatron:   The affinity is equal in value sister

Me:   So you are the HS of (client name withheld)?  

Metatron:  Indeed I am,  I am a fractal. His angelic fractal.  


Me:   I need to see you in a way that is paintable.  You know I’ve had trouble painting your energy every time it comes through.  By the way, thank you for that walk-in you provided last time.  It has made amazing changes in my brushstrokes

Metatron:  Sweet one, you are up for surprises.... but let's focus on (client name withheld).   See me during the dark ages in monk attire, red brick robe,  no hair.  That is I, that is  (client name withheld).

Me:    Is he still in that time?  

Metaron:  Very much so...  

Me:   Does he need assistance for unification, for soul defragmentation?  

Metatron:   Feelings of guilt still are carried from that time, very much personal;  we will not publicize since I know you portray your artwork to the public.  You can see where and why this guilt is stemming from the dark ages of the 1500‘s  -indeed full of infringement as you call it and the lowest of frequencies came upon all aspects of the self during that time.  Much doubt, guilt,  and dishonesty

Me:  I will not disclose all that applies,  but in all love,  do I need to bring in assistance to complete this soul integration (I don't know what to call it Metatron).   Soul Unification is a better appropriate term. 


Metatron:  Michael is here,  Rafael too...  you invited them to your dinner party  LOL.  We need to bring in Azrael.  ......A job well done my sweetness.   The nausea you feel is just the energy.  Ground and breathe.   Now a message for (client name withheld):
          I am Metatron for you.   Our souls forever unified in glory since the origination of times.  The star of Bethlehem you were,  the druids in inner earth you've also been.  The race of Orion be not surprised, An English author during 1678, a philosopher much too different for his time, father to many and now to birds and songs of the wind.   Rest now, for the journey has been long.  I am Metatron,  your inner guidance, your true eye.   See the purple in your eye, that is I.    I breathe life into you now,  peace shall abound you,  your fragmented should be unified.  Follow with 2 sessions of RAAH, wear crystals to magnify your auric field, walk barefoot to connect to your druid self.  I am Metatron,  you are Metatron.

Me:   We now drink from the golden cup of life.

Metatron:   The golden liquid of creation.  

All:   Thank you for having us.  To you, our sweetness.


(During the painting of this monk,  the sadness was unbearable.   Sobbing as I let the energy flow thru me.  I had to stop.   He said the mystery to this earth is compassion.  If we could harness that compassion at its highest level we would understand that we are only here for a split second to serve one another with a gentle spirit of calmness.   He stayed behind to hold space for all of us like Yeshua did in the flesh.   (I still could not contain the tears, a flowing river at this point).    In my observation of all the feelings flowing through……..His guilt is our guilt,  his shame is ours too.  He exists in love holding space for us to find that state of self-forgiveness.   (It is what Haylel did, so we  (source),  would experience balance;  all sound, all form, all vibrations.  That’s why we came, here, everywhere in the cosmos.  We knew we’d live through this darkness.  We all knew, the races knew,  the angels knew.  Yet we did it.)


Haylel tells Lilith:   “My golly,  I think she’s got it!”

Held Space

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  • • Oil on canvas

    • 18x24"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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