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“In all frequencies I remain understated.  It is I who carries the torch of truth.   I bring flowers and water to those who thirst,  from the barren soils of Egypt.  I still leave my footprints to carry my message throughout space and times.   My words are sacred  and they reverberate with sound and intention.  That is what creates life and form.   I am Archangel Aurora.  Much to your surprise.   Paint my fractal as it was then.  


In ancient Egypt upon the sarcophagus of my king and children,  I lay there,  in blood, sweat, and tears, I shed over them during my reign.  My village, my people, my children,  I reigned well with honor and dignity.   My soul was taken from me, ripped in fragments,  but I as Archangel Aurora,  retrieved by force and power of the Sun, all my pieces for I am Aurora. The Phoenix stands behind me,  and I will forever  stand in my sovereignty as the one creator of my reality.   Claim yours my child.  


Do not look back,  move forward with fierceness and holding your integrity as One with our One and you shall realize the manifestation of all your desires.   Power comes to those who live by their own taking, never underestimating their own abilities.  There is no threshold to abide by when in the state of grace.  There is only the claiming it and owning it!



Isis Aurora

Out of Stock
  • • Acrylic on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 3/4" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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