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There is no need to reach out into the ether to connect with me.  For if you have an affiliation with me, trust we are always in connection.  See me as I am, with jet black hair,  but know underneath there is no hair.   For it was customary to draw alchemy symbols on the crown of our skin on our head tops.  You say you will verify this information.   You are in liberty to do so.

I am Isis.  The one you call goddess,  but I as incarnate as Isis Phaelomecia, was called upon for higher mission.  The mission of eternal existance through your expression, through your belief.  Assigned I agreed to exist within your realms of thought and belief.   My essence of the Phaelicians of that time was to bring knowledge, power, ascension, awakening, to those that came in at the same time to spread the wings of evolution.  You ask then who or which is the galactic family then from where we divide.  We are the Federation.  Some of you call it the Nine,  others the  12…,  those that truly know, the 13.   We exist within this chosen realm of your grid within the 12 dimensions existing within all.  Outside of this,  we are the Federation, The Council, The Great Divinity upholding the balance of the Cosmos.


My message to (clients name withheld) is to persevere.  She has chosen the great mission to awaken others.  She has been blessed with a divine soul group aiding her in her holographic journey.   You will expand in various ways.  Know that you carry the council within your abilities of leadership,  you will also be gifted in abilities fo discenment to bring about healing to others.   You have done very well in your love to not judge others, that is the key to embracing. Surrendering within love and no judgement shall open doors.  I give you thy key, the powerr to harness , the ability to bend time in your favor to bring about real traveling for time does not exist.

Remain blessed,  remain true.


Isis Phaelomecia

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 18x24"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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