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I am the celibate Jophiel.  The one chosen for astral belts, the one chosen for the missions of celibacy.  I am Jophiel of many names and many faces.  As Jophiel, see my crown of glory offered as peace like a white flag of surrender. I give my crown to thee for you are as special as I.  I am Jophiel of the sky eyes, the sea greens, mud brown hair.  I extend my hand to you in companionship in your journey for it has been long.  Know there are still mountains to climb and caves to descend.  I am Jophiel, created from the bounty of harvest, the lush greens, and the lush stars to fulfill the stars with guidance and never lost.   I was born from the gods, the angels then, a beautiful union from divine mother.  The star dust composed our fluids, and we were born.  I was also born into the kingdom of matriarchs, where the warriors led the pathways for unique women of war.  I am Jophiel of the Balance, the Fairness, and Justice.  My color is yellow, the color of your sun.  I am Jophiel, the Giver of Light, I stand by you, incarnated as many, holding missions of truth on my back bringing you justice.
Till then  


Out of Stock
  • • Acrylic on canvas

    • 18x18

    • 11/16" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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