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I am Jophiel, the archangel of the waters and moon, the stars and ruler of the manifestations held by your dreams.  Follow me to the ether of the unknown kingdoms where dreams become a reality.  My wings have purples, my hair has blue rays, my light fire is a burning yellow.  Many can see me in the rainbows of your earth.  I am Jophiel of the Rainbows, the moon, stars, and waters.   My message to you, (client's name withheld) is kindness for being a ruler of your home and the kingdom you govern can sometimes lead to an empowered sovereign state of mind which can seem cold at times.  This too has been a characteristic shared throughout the eons of my stronger personalities.  But yes this is how we accomplish our missions.  Tribulations shall never cease for our spirit is of conquer.  Let this be your motto.   You will volunteer in more times of pathways where you will show the ways to knowledge and progress.   It is not of karmic nature to incarnate but a process of angelic teamwork.  We continue our essences to manifestation from beyond the veil of 12D.   Welcome your journey for this is only the beginning.  I am archangel Jophiel,  the essence of the stars moon, and waters of your planet.

Jophiel of the Rainbows

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on Canvas

    • 24x36"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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