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Kali Ma- Perhaps this response will not suit to your ego, but I look like everyone and everyone looks like me!  Ha ha ha ha.  I am Kali Ma!   You ask why I have come through when in fact you invoked Shakti Parvati.  You have specific questions that have to do with this timeline.  I shall answer.   

                     The ascension has already begun to many.  What you are asking is for the grand sign of times, in space for all to see.  That, my dear is a mystery which will not unfold to your revelation.  For if humanity can manage to ascend without such an occurrence in the physicality,  then we will concede to that process.  But time is imminent to change unfolding; our safety within the cosmos has been threatened and our universal laws of non interference have been violated.  Then we can and will create a universal upgrade for all life forms where density will not cease to exist but will eradicate specific timelines from certain consciousnesses.  The vessel is asking if rapture will occur and the response is affirmative.  The rapture she is referring to is book based, the one I refer to, is frequency based for those that “disappear” will simply move into another dimension of frequency.    

                       Vessel is arguing that it’s a matter of semantic terminology, and she wants truth at the human level and not at the divine level,  so she reposes her question as, “will the physical body die to our un-awakened family and friends on earth?”  The response is the same.  The physical body will not die but will regenerate itself as the frequency is adjusted for all.   Some will not withstand the wave of this frequency and they agreed to do more from the realm of nonphysical dimension and therefore will pass.  Did I answer your question Daisy?


Daisy- Yes you did.


Kali- Love will come to all.  No more tears, nor pain.  There is much communal work to be done.  The intention is during sleep time.  Daisy is asking if it will happen for all fractal soul levels.  The answer is yes.  Good times ahead eh?!  Ha ha ha ha!  I am Kali!   Paint me like you see me, for I am in joyous revolt!


(Part of this message has been deleted for the sacredness of the communication towards the client)


Kali :    Life chosen on earth is so beautiful and magical.  Humans have lost this vision!   I am Kali, Kali Ma!  Claim your powers NOW!  Rise up from the ashes, and the decrepitude of loss and despair.  You have all passed the human test.  Prevail NOW as the earthly vibrations of lower densities crumble at your feet and claim your powers!  I AM KALI-MA!

Bless thyself!  No more are you to ask others for blessings,  this is at your hand’s will!   CLAIM  IT! 

Kali Heat

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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