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Kali Ma:  My sister, my sister, my beautiful sister!  My sister of souls.  I will make every effort to communicate with you!  At our vibrations, it is an honor for me.  You say you are honored but it is I that is  honored by your beautiful presence.  -my beautiful Lilith.   (and they both dance in the ether)


Me:  My beautiful Kali Ma I thank you.  It is such an honor.  Thank  you for bowing.   I see you have very thick and wavy hair.  Your skin is very a beautiful iridescent blue.  You dance and laugh.  You love to dance I see.  You have somewhat a golden crown.  May I ask you why is your tongue out all the time?


Kali Ma:  "I also carry swords,  for I have carried many heads within my hands.  I am the daughter of justice.  But I am also the dancer of forgiveness.  I am not to be toyed with.  I redeem in respect.  My hair very golden within its waves not golden in color."


Me:   I see you have scars in your arms


Kali Ma:  "That is a story I do not wish to retell"


Me:  Beautiful sisters (Lilith and Kali Ma) .... both of them dancing.  How beautiful is that?   I observe Kali Ma is wearing gold bracelets on her arms and wrists, red nail polish and red lipstick that makes her so beautiful.  I bask in her energy enjoying the sight of a  joyous dance between two girlfriends who seem have not seen eachother for thousands of years.


...Five days go by and  I ask her if she can give (client's name witheld) a message with the painting.   She says,  "Ah yes, she is one of my favorites,  she understands my music, my energy  (like you are too learning).   You ask for my message for her?   Yes, I shall provide.     I exist in the ether, but I also exist in your dimension, just one of many you know.   Any of you can hear me, see me, feel me.   I am very much alive in all of you and around you.   It is beautiful to see how the transgression of your souls digress in evolution; how you now see dark in light and light in darkness.  And how well your love shines on both.   Shadow work is not easy,  but easily attainable and conquered.   The joy of life lies in the valuation of circumstances.  The joy of life is not all happy dance (she laughs), the joy of life is dancing amidst the pain and agony as well,  seeing light even in the worse of things.  And that my dear is what you do.  It is not turning a blind eye, it is not living in denial of negativity,  but rather respecting the shadow for when you look at the shadow,  it is because you see the light upon it.  "


She then sings  a non-English song.   And goes off into the ether dancing away.  The skeleton necklace moves about and her hair comes alive as it too dances to the song she sings.   


I smile at the sight.   What a wise message....


Kali Ma

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 18x24"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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