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Karl = Greetings, you were not expecting my presence?


Channel = Greetings,  in truth, I was not. Its been sometime since I met a galactic being as a client's HS. But welcome my good being. Do you have a name the client can be able to invoke you at a later date and I now can direct myself towards you? I also need to know for (client) sake, the name of your race please if possible.


Karl =  We are within your stars now. We are Andromedans as you can see. You have been in contact with us. I work in the ships above in your atmospheres.


Channel = You feel asexual. How must I paint you so (client) can meet you, see you in this painting?


Karl = My dressing is a transparent purple pink hue with a white outline. I will make my 3rd eye crystal visible for you to paint as well. This is our stargate connection.  When we will ourselves to transport, this crystal becomes visible.


Channel = You are hairless I see, but I can see you have transparent blue eyes. May I see your hands too? You are also very tall


Karl = I am close to 9 feet. My arms and legs are very thin. I have transcended into a full Andromedan existence now. My humanoid features have been refined.


Channel = Does that happen with every incarnation? Do you ascend further into transparency of your race with every progression you make? Seems like you’ve been human before


Karl = Yes, I have. My name is Karl, for Carlson. I was only human for short terms on earth, then I chose other planetary existences.


Channel = As an evolved Andromendan, how do you help (client)?


Karl = She works with us during sleep bringing back information to share from the developments of our planet. Her accomplishments become a matter of study and observation for us. This tells us how the spiritual progress of your race is evolving, what new programs need to be “tweeked” and which new ones can be inspired.


Channel = You do this?


Karl =  Yes, it has been this way for thousands of years. When humans need an upgrade toward progress, we send one of ours to instill the instruction if it needs to be taught.


Channel = Do you have children that are Andromedans?


Karl = We have children humanoids in the process, but once they reach a level of ascension within the race, they do not bear children. The light body becomes too involved with a much higher frequency of vibration and energy can only be emitted for travel, healing, bi-location, but not for mating. We do not consume foods, we do not have the same organs as humans. We do consume a nectar however from the plant life we grow in our ships. This nectar is naturally sweet and very similar to the nectars in flowers but much more viscous. It works like Golden Ormus works on your 3rd eye however much visionary.


Channel = Thank you for so much information. We are quite excited to know about the new upgrades we are getting. Will this bring prosperity?


Karl = Much progress is to be made. The cleaning of the “gut” on earth is still underway and a new reprogramming must be done to eliminate the infiltrations that have occurred through hundreds of years. The year 2028 will be of great significance for the globe. In between, many lives will transfer and be helping from the higher realms. Changes at the barometric levels will also bring unadoptable changes to many. This is all an agreement, so please do not suffer for the lives that will transfer. This work is needed to establish the global awakening. The energies are quite consistent. This explains the reasons for many choosing their own paths and even away from friends and families. This is the reason. Solitude is not to be avoided. You were all indoctrinated that the human soul cannot be alone. This is not true. We work collectively to gain a goal, but to gain inner wisdom requires solitude. This must not be confused with withdrawing from being social and living like a hermit.


Channel = Do you have a specific message for (clients name withheld)? I know you speak to her every day on the ship however, in her current timeline now, what is your message for her awareness and consciousness?


Karl = The tree of life is limitless, it grows and expands and continues growing everyday because all beings within the cosmos expand with knowledge of this tree of life. Being flexible in vision is necessary to bring about change. Having a broad spectrum of information from all sources is key towards expansion as a human and at your personal space level. Your contributions have been grand, but expand more and you'll see there's so much more to learn, and re-learn. Each has beautiful agreements to bring such expansions for ALL beings. We can attest to such. We are at frequency 1238. My name is Karl to you. I am an Andromedan from the northern star of the Eastern Fields in your atmosphere. We are communicating from the 5th frequency with you now.


Channel = Before you leave, what is the best way to expand our consciousness?


Karl = Be still, exist, listen to your inspirations because they are divinely inspired for your evolution and progress. Never look back once you choose. Never lose yourself in the past. Intend, intend, intend to expand not just your consciousness but to increase your source of energy. Your Source energy is not a connection to an outside energy, it is your own expansion and energy from within. If you expand this, you create life at all levels, you create realities, and progress with love intention. Your life force Source is in your heart and it is your 3 rd eye which directs it.   Be well, you are free.


(Can be ordered as a reprint.  Please email me at for sizes and pricing on reprints)


Karl The Andromedan

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  • • Oil on Canvas Sheet

    • 16x20"

    • Gold Frame

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