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Voice - Its within my journey to aspire and make reality, to ascend, bring clarification and integration toward you.


Channel  - Please come forth so I may see you.  I need to paint you in order to bring this message across to (clients name withheld).  Who are you please?


Voice - We are a collective of the stars, of creation.  We are a merging of many stars existent of many many years, perhaps billions of years of your time.   Our planet no longer exists however we managed to survive and transported to live another star systems.


Channel - Are you currently with us now?


Voice - Yes we are.  There are of us incarnated through the universe of earth.  


Channel - So you are within the 13 realms? 


Voice - To clarify I will say 21.  Beyond that it becomes the cosmos of a multiverse.


Channel - How should I paint you?  Do you have a human like body?


Voice  - We do not.   Incarnating on your planet is very challenging for us, but we welcome it to enjoy the experience.


Channel - So show me what exactly you look like please? 


Katauri - My name is Katauri.   We are north of the Andromedan planet.   I will take a formation so you may be able to give me a concrete formation and deliver this to



Channel - I sit possible for me to see first exactly how you are please?


Katauri - We were created just prior to the Lemurian life formations.  We carry water as our main element but we are not fish.  We are more human like however in a much galactic way.  We share traits with the Arcturians for we can take on their blue orb formations.    We are only a golden orb of lights that are diffused with reflections.  This can be in the background of your paintings.    I can be as you desire me to be.


Channel - I want to paint you as you are for (clients name withheld) benefit.   I prefer you take on your most favorite formation. 
(No hair, thin arms, thin structures, flesh in the face, very thin and tall.   Blue clear eye fully covered like the Andromedan.  No hair.  No clothes either.)


Katauri - Our planet is a red planet.  We have much dead gas, but that is a portion of our planet we do not inhabit.  We use the waters and minerals to feed our plantations and crops.  We use these as experiments to inspire earthlings in their inventions.  We are cousins to the Venusians, I see this is not yin your contextual library. 


Channel - I see now.   


Katauri - You will make me transparent, with big blue clear eyes and a very thin body.   You will be questioned on this painting.  Enjoy the ride.  


Channel - Do you have a special message for (client) now that would serve her towards integration now?


Katauri -  I do.   She must publish her discoveries.  All of them.   Her journals are to be published.   The information she has is not to be kept for self service.  She is to release doubt and incertitude about her findings.   Sharing is how growth shall come to her and others.   There is no lie to what is told unless you don’t tell it.   This is not a trick.  I am simply stating that there is no good in keeping information to oneself.  Share your knowledge with the world that is in much need


Channel - Archangel Michael is there something you need tell me?  (Archangel Michael arrives)


Archangel Michael – I am watching my Guardians.  You are fine.  (He smiles)


Channel - Very well Katauri.  I will deliver this message.   Is there anything else you can inspire for (client)?


Katauri -  I come not from far to guide you in real time,  thousands and thousands of stars have elapsed between us,  yet I have always stood by you and within you.  I thank you for evolving and bringing this sharing of power to us.  Thank u you for being so brave in becoming a part of this star named earth so we could continue to evolve as you and be a grand part of this amazing evolution we call Source Life.   You are veneered in our Star System (says clients name).  We welcome your home.  Thank you.


Channel - Thank you Katuri.




Channeled for Esoteric Vibes
March 2023



Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 3/4" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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