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Kreale:     I am from the 6th Realm of Inner Earth. I bring enlightenment to all who believe. I carry the torch of wisdom as I use this torch to guide the paths of many. My name is Kreale (pronounced kree-al). See me in my cloak as I wander through these paths of light within the magical realms of the Sixth Kingdom. I await many who cross over so I guide them towards their final destination.


Me: Are you guiding children, adults or both? And why would they come to you first???


Kreale:  I guide mostly those pure of heart that have crossed already into the journey of enlightenment. They know Inner Earth and coming here is a choice for them. I also assist children, the little ones who are alone in their journey of crossing over. The little ones are sacred to us and they require much order in their process.


Me: Do you have a message for (client's name withheld); he now turns 7 years old.


Kreale:   Hold thy crystals to thy heart and you shall hear the whispers of divine magic within your journey. Never fear the unknown for it is only a transgression of the mind contained within a sphere of illusion and make believe. Know little one, this is your story. Behold thy life experiences with joy for you have chosen a marvel of time to experience this evolution. Greatness shall be yours to discover at will. Blessed me my child of the wilderness of magic where the unicorns play with the gnomes and the water lilies sing to the Sun. Glorious is the day which has arrived or all.


Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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