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Greetings sister.  We come from the Vega star.  It is to my understanding that you have communicated with us in another time line.   We are the Divinity Star of (client name withheld).  It is of great importance that she know who her galactic family is,  that is her most incarnated galactic family.  I have a large forehead because of the jewels of connection I wear.   These jewels signify important timelines in my incarnation which have brought me the most loved experiences,  Earthlings would say lessons.  There are currently 5 jewels on my forehead,  the largest being the center green one, which is the now timeline of  (client) which is my most precious incarnation on earth;  there have been 122 incarnations on earth of mine.  The other four jewels are red and pink,  the remaining are diamond star-dusts on my forehead.  You are to paint me as you see me.


Me:  It shall me my honor.  Would you have a name? 


Vega Being:   Laxsopranna


Me:  May you provide (client's name withheld) with a divine message that would serve her higher purpose in her now timeline please?


Laxsopranna:   Of course.   (Yes, we have long fingers, and bony hands)


Me:  Are you a Humanoid on the way to full Vega Star development?  Is that why your arms are so long and bony long fingers?


Laxsopranna:   Yes, you are quite observing and inquisitive.  My, our message to our incarnated expression now on Earth is,  remain in silence and you shall hear us.  Trust that you receive our data frequencies daily which inspire you to make the choices you are currently making regarding your move, your status, your journey.  It is all us and our inspiration within you. You are to calculate a future time line of solitude where you will find yourself again and this time with no regrets of what you think you lost.   You have gained all power and it is time for us to touch your divine heart chakra and activate your gifts so you may begin a full ascension. …….. It is done.      Your Lyron brethren are here too, to welcome both of you as sisters of Lyra that you both are.   But in this painting expression, you shall paint myself.


Me:  Are you able to fully scan her body now and indicate which organs needs clearing of any and all attachments which are infringing her in this now moment?


Laxsopranna:  Yes.  Left ear implant.   Throat chakra and both shoulder bones.  Heart chakra with 2.  Three in the Solar Plexus,  some smokiness in the liver too.  3 in the middle back bone.  5 in the Sakral Chakra  with much trauma and disconnection.  Much of it sourced from past life traumas.  Many cords of Matrix infringement present.  This clearing, you will do this for your sister now.  The lost souls (miscarried or aborted beings were attributed to these negative attachments: 2 specifically).   There is a contract in the abdomen we cannot encumber.  The root chakra has a trauma of non-consensual intimacy.   She is to walk tall and firm in her newfound walk-in.  


Me:  Can I quickly bring in Archangel Azrael and Michael please?


Laxsopranna:   They are here as you clearly saw. 


Angels:  She is clear,  but she will need a follow up. Higher self is verified and true Daisy.  You may proceed.


Me:  Who is the walk-in?


Laxsopranna:  She has been fully activated with a walk-in of my expression.


Me:  Can you please share that expression in her earthly state?  Meaning,  what will her purpose be?


Laxsopranna:  She will relocate if she has not done so already,  she will change career paths, and shall be working closer with children specifically middle school children.   We have shared much with you and her today.   This is all she you can inform her


Me:  Thank you all, my beloved angels, and Starseed of Vega.  Thank you all beings within the light. I shall inform her she must seek a RAAH follow up as soon as possible.  In the meantime,  please polarize the ones ready to leave and contain those within light if unable to detach.   Is it possible to detach all the negative ones now?


Archangel Azrael:   There are past life soul fragments that must integrate for further activations of light to follow.  She must be in session so she can witness the fragments and integrate them.  If she can seek an AURA session of hypnosis, this will bring healing within light speed.  Be in peace my dear Daisy, she is well.  Activations have taken place.  Our love of divineness be with you and (client name withheld).


Laxsopranna of Vega

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 18x24

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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