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I come from the depths of the sea, where sea creatures long forgotten existed for thousands of years before the human race was created.   See me as I am, for I have information to bring for the benefit of our evolution.  I am of the positive sea serpents race;  to your knowledge, created from the evolution of cells and the best adaption to mitosis and reproduction.   We hold the ancient wisdoms of creation as well within the depths of waters and as you know, all retuns to its original creation.   I have shown up because you have invoked the divine expression of (client name withheld).  She has had many incarnations within our space and lineage. We hold the secrets to Atlantis and we the keys to the depths of inner earth.  Many fled to our spaces when Atlantis doomed.   Greed overturned almost every virtue in its time. 


We shall not uphold you in this transmission.  We see you have an intention to provide our loved one with her most loved divine expression.  We must establish a platform , be still and breathe deep…The waters shall turn a purple mist to reflect the energy about to surface.  Do you wish to see?   In her now moment,  she will benefit from this activation for she has met her oversoul fractal before,  but now she too shall see.  


Lyron Panel :  Leilasani of the of Kingdom Protumeris is a sea sepernt with mermaid features ,  a sea eel with human features.   Yes she can speak with telepathy.  The importance of this contact is to bring integration.  That is, Ascension.  


Activate yourself with knowledge, bring into awareness as much light AND dark as possible so you may release the storylines of past infringements.  Integration is the now the key to Ascension.  We are not to be divided any longer within the dualities in which you live, but now to integrate the wholesomeness of where you exist including all knowledge from all memory of space and time.



Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 18x24"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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