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Leonehlla:   “It is with much love that we communicate with you this morning bringing forth clarity and divinity to your essence. We are the Galactic Federation here present which you have requested for artistic purpose for  (client's name withheld).  You ask dear vessel for a clear image for a canvas. Close your eyes and you shall see us.... I am Leonehlla. See my cloak. You say I must come closer.....I am a Vegan as you can see. See my jewels. You say you had a hard time making contact. This is true. However, you are equipped with necessary tools, wisdom, knowledge, and humbleness to reach our frequency and thus allow for this communication. You shall be rewarded.  

          You wish I deliver a message to (client). Our journeys merged in 2017. The accomplishment has been well integrated. Many clearings have transpired for her. Memories of the past are simply just another timeline which should not be dwelled upon in order to accelerate the currency of the now time. Move forward in joy and enjoy your humaneness with loved ones. Teach as much you are allowed to share your visions within boundaries established by others. Your health has been calibrated accordingly to your desire. You are learning now to merge thought with frequency, continue on this journey. You heal naturally by hands with the intention of love. There is much purity in you now for which is your greatest accomplishment.

          The Vegans exist in the 8th Ether of the galactic fields. We are some of you in your future. But we have been here from the early beginnings of time.  You, the channel ask what is my role within the Federation. We evaluate the fluctuations of frequencies of your planet;  your frequencies as a collective and observe your creations as a result of such frequencies...."


Me:   "Are you saying that our creations are frequencies?"


Leonehlla:  " I am clarifying that your frequencies as a collective materialize into occurrences."


Me:   "Are you saying (for the benefit of those reading to understand), that the collective create their happenings on the planet?"


Leonehlla:   "Frequencies allow for materialization of thoughts when they are persistent in vibration"


Me: "How long will a full ascension into 5D occur at the global level since our planet seems to be so divided?"


Leonehlla:   "Full planetary ascension is to complete within hundreds of years closer to 200 years, however each new generation shall borne with higher DNA programming"


Me:   "How much interference shall we continue to have from government institutions and paradigms from brainwashing?"


Leonehlla:  "That shall be an ongoing battle to conquer for all for your planet is ruled by much dominance that continues to be allowed throughout various communication methods currently in place. We live in peace and we assist those that request guidance. You ask why interference is allowed from other cosmic races throughout billions of years. You ask if the will of the "mind" is stronger than love... my response is, persistence is the strength. Persistence of thought and intention is the strength."


Me:   " I just wish that for once we could see an earth like it was originally intended to be, and I understand that we have created this existential controversy, but with our growing telepathic capabilities, why hasn't there been more inspiration, more guidance, more assistance, to make our journeys less painful, less abused, and less violent?"


Leonehlla:    "Planet earth is the most astounding planet in the Cosmos, in all the Multi-verse and you are all the key programmers of your own creations. Those other races that are simply doing their role, are there to survive.... pair that with the thwarted creativity of earth and this is the result.   Do not grieve your little heart in loss! Much ascension and movement and recreations of frequencies are at play. Synchronicities of motion are in action because you have consented to change, to growth, to an ending of a paradigm that was decreasing your mortality."


Me:   "I am truly in gratitude for your forthcoming, I honor your presence and role within your domain. Thank you for coming on behalf of (client)  Do you have a final message for her before you part?"


Leonehlla:   "Come thy will with purity of the heart, hear the trumpets of glory reign, seek truth in the vessel chosen, and be in gratitude for who you’ve become. Honor your existence in all time, honor your growth in all ways, enjoy your experience for your paths were dealt in front of you before you chose to incarnate. Live, smile, be in joy, BE NOW."


A Lyran race elder comes through to add to the conversation:

           “Our sisters within the divine. See me too within the ether as your eye can see. I make myself evident as confirmation to her that she (and you) is in nature as the first race of incarnation chosen. You ask for the angelic race of origin, that cannot be revealed at this moment. Be in contention with my revelation. We also live among you that walk, our contributable knowledge is of analysis, literary, and artistic. Many musicians are Lyran in your planet. Many teachers too. You request a message that could help you atone your current place in time and I advance that much medical advancement will come to bring aid to the ill, secrets shall be exposed. You say how will this occur when your population is brain-dead by mass media, and coercion is rebelliously persistent, and you have a systematically brain dead society. The train has come to its stop, the passengers will have to get off, and the sun will bring about reveal. The new day is already here, the lies and deceit shall slowly but progressively decrease. Inner strength and persistence is key in order to abound in purity. Receive the star of sight, my beloveds. Peace be with you "

Leonehlla of Vega

Out of Stock
  • • Oil of canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 3/4" Depth Gold Frame

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