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Lilith: There is no need to invoke, I am here. I am always. You request a visual for (client name withheld). You saw ME in her eyes and you saw YOU. Yes, it is I. However see me in the woods of the ethers and paint me as you see me there for this is a soul fragment of (client) during that time.


Me: Why is (client) in the woods, why is she in goddess form? IS she lost in the woods?


Lilith: This is where she goes when she wants to feel safe, to ground and reconnect with her inner goddess, to perform her rituals


Me: Is there a name for this soul Lilith? Do I open (client's) akash?


Lilith: (response has been kept confidential)


Me: That was hard to understand but thank you, you know how us humans like names. Does this soul have a message for (client)? (There is only silence as soul in the artwork shows me the forest, the flowers, and the fairies. She enjoys much of her nature talks and absorbs the energies from the elemental life forms.)


Me: Lilith is there soul fragmenting that needs to take place?


Lilith: No, she is fine where she goes


Me: Then do you have a message for (client)?


Litlith: Make peace with all your loved ones, and forgive those with hardened hearts. Your inner strength was built on them, they facilitated your journey. Embrace the spirit guides in you for they have enlivened you into the integration of fires you are today. Your journey will bear more. This one is only the onset. Your "children" shall be the magic you create to transmute. Carry it with glory. You shall transmute different powers, for you are equipped to merge darkenss and light. Stay strong and firm in your beliefs, and continue without judgement for that is the secret of transcendence.


Lilith (to both of us): Do not cry for humankind, do not suffer the agonies of evolution. This is what was chosen and so it is. Marvel at the life forms that abound the versus of creation and you shall reap in knowledge. Trust thy hearts and breathe, for that is how Creation began. This is the secret..... Shed no tears

Lilith Forest Maiden

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on wood

    • 18x18"

    • 3/4" Depth

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