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You’ve overcome years of fractalized torment, guilt, and overwritten joys.  That time is done, shall be forever gone.  You have encountered a new dawn of frequencies out of your own will;  you’ve come from a journey of discovery to one now of fulfillment.   This vessel is asking me whom am I?  Must I say?  Shouldn’t my presence be enough for the both of you?   I am an oversoul to both of you.  I’ve traversed many years of survival like yourselves,  I too have journeyed through questionable existences and a myriad of dark virtues.  Yes, I am who you think I am.


Channel:  Why am I only hearing your voice of spirit and feeling you?  Why can’t I see you?


Lillith:  That would’ve been too easy for you.


Channel:   Ay Lilith, you never cease to surprise me.  What is your message for this divine sister of ours?


Lilith:  I am your creation.  I’ve risen from the ashes.  What do you wish me to be, but a shadow of  your light or do you prefer darkness?


Channel:  Lilith, those days are over now.


Lilith:  That’s what I m saying.


Litilth:  I will not toy with either one of you.   The battle is over.  Light wins.  Even if darkness is to prevail,  divine goodness and justice have won.  The veil has been lifted for those of you to see, if you so wish.


Channel:  How am I to paint you if I cannot see you?


Litilith: LOVE wins.  You will paint this image of contrast, and you will make reprints and an exhibit of this portrayal of me.  My profile is to be vague for those in the dark to see what they wish, but those in the light shall me in my light form.   Ask your dreams content, and you will manifest that what you wish.   The timelines have been dropped.  Hear it loud and clear,  justice and love have won.


Channel: Thank you once again Lilith.  Has (clients name has been withheld) received your activation?


Lilith:  Yes she has


Channel:  Is she aware of your identity in her?


Lilith:  Not yet  (and she laughs).   Make the choices you must make and do not look back.


(Lilith then provides a vision of a red flower, one that looks like a rose, or perhaps a cabbage rose?  She then says the word Lisanthium.  I looked up the word, and the correction is Lisianthus which is a flower, a type of rose.   This is Lilith’s peace offering to you.)


Lilith Lisianthus

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 18x24"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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