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Gabriel: I am not the higher self,  but I am the one bringing you a platform to make this possible.


(The  Cerberus dogs, dog of 3 heads appears. There are rainbow clouds,  and a voice that speaks through these clouds):


Unknown Voice:   In all time and space,  from the ethers, the galaxies, and the mysteries therein, I,  Divinity within the ethers of creation come forth to announce that paradise, heavens, celestial happiness will now abound on your planet.   The miseries of tangibles shall no longer exist.   The time is here in the now.   Are you prepared, to receive thy blessings from thy Creators of mankind?


Lillith:  Surprised to see that it is I?   Why?  Did you not expect me of all beings to be in alignment with your soul?   You shall paint me as you see me… body and all.


Channel - There are children in the house Lillith.  I don’t think it would be appropriate to paint you in such nudity nor darkness


Lillith:  You will not judge, for that is the portrayal of where she (the client) stands.   Shadow-work is at hand,  and upon receiving this information, she shall be activated to look within and find her darker aspects, face them, and love them.   Embracing our true nature should come natural to us women, and therefore,  here I am.


Channel - Do you have any further messages for her Lillith that would serve her towards Ascension?


Lillith:  I do……  look at yourself in the mirror and ask all you need to know.   Idiot act?  It is not.  For this is the best way to connect to your own inner self.   Want to raise your vibrations?   Find out what and who you really are?  Do you wish to remember why you are here?   It is all not happy, dandy, and sunny!   Embrace ALL,  love all without judgment nor fear!   I,  Lillith,  the one that rose from the fires of darkness, the one held in captivity and fled to keep intact her true creation,  tell you,  that in order to reach ascension,  you must embrace ALL and love all that you are,  as you are.  Only then shall you be able to ascend beyond yourselves.   It is a true occurrence what humanity shall experience.   Therefore,  why are you afraid?   Love is the true answer….. 


Channeled for
October 2022



Lillith's Path

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on Canvas Sheet

    • 16x20"

    • Gold Frame

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